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If you don’t know what fu*kin for tracks means or if you thought it was some sh*t Bossip made up, click here


  • beezy

    first ;)

  • BamBoo

    cassi looks like j.lo back in the days

  • Marquis de Sade

    Third! Breezy, Zounds, what Mounds!

  • Doeraemi

    Go Figure,

    the song sucks. Didnt even need to listen to it all.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    SMDH, anywhoo

  • Africa Man

    My question to these so called rappers or whatever they are, why do people like Diddy, Jay Z, MJ etc think they are so important, they are irrelevant to me really.

    They may be loaded but I am not, but I am a professional working man with a mid tier income and very happy.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I heard a better single from upcoming CD. Even with the studio assistance her voice still sounds band on this one and song seems like it was written for Kim Porter because lawd knows Cassie ain’t getting that official spot.

  • http://myspace.com/3pkmuzik kmusic group

    thats right , i fukks wit sean john too , he owns buildings snitches, aye yo african man , lemme be the one to break it down to yah homie, i smell haterade in yo breath, get that colgate and brush it off….

    sean and shawn , irrelevant ?????wat the fuk is wrong wit yo african brains???

  • Terrance

    Off topic a second: I would like to know if anyone knows a Black Puerto Rican woman named, I believe, Dawn Maldonado? She lives in New York, possibly Brooklyn? Has a son, and possibly unemployed and on welfare or social security disability?

  • WTF

    She needs to stick to modeling!

  • candice

    I feel the sh!t sucked. I didn’t listen to the whole thing but I am pissed because if this hoe can put out an LP I need to get to NYC faster because I would love to do what she’s doing (but better) and get paid for it.

  • fabulosity

    LMAO at the fact that she was like “yeah, every girl wants to be someone’s official girl”… sorry Cassie, Diddy will never love you like he purports to loving Kim Porter… Your sh*t is wack and you can’t sing. Next Selection should just be NEXTTTT…

  • me

    she still cant sing. after the way puff was dogging the boys on mtb about their voices, i would’ve thought that he woulda forced her ass into intensive vocal training. she needs to stick to modeling seriously.

  • Chica

    P Diddley, please, stuff a c*ck in it and STFU!

  • i'm like wft?

    did u see the side eye she gave him when she said “yea, everybody wants to be somebody’s official girl…” no comment on the single. think i got through bout 30 seconds though. lol.

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