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Here is Young Buck’s response to 50 Cent’s allegations of his drug use and why he was kicked out of G-Unit in a track called “My Interview”:

“Damn right I’m sipping syrup, flipping birds to get what I deserve,” Buck raps in the opening verse. “And I hear the same things that you heard/ That ’50 kicked him out’ or ‘Buck sniffs coke and he flips out’/ It’s too late, the whole world know what I be about/ Sh–, I do make mistakes like any other man/ Sh–, I recoup off an album, quicker than you can … Am I loyal? Dr. Dre can answer that for ya.”

That syrup again…Listen to the track here if the player is acting shady:

Aww the old days, peep Bugsy’s metrosexual swag:


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  • Candace


  • kojo

    aight first

  • Panamanians Do It Better


    NEXT ——–>

  • Whatever

    Poor thing.

  • JPB

    this is aboout to get ugly

  • Dimple Pink


    Yup ugly indeed. But I say let these fools kill each other the world will still turn & Hip hop will still be at a stand still.

  • Dimple Pink

    what are huh-ing?

  • Dimple Pink

    * What are you huh-ing?

  • Doc

    i want to see this 2 girls fight at a school yard ill be a hell of a girls cat fight.

  • Dimple Pink

    @ 6am

    lol. . you’re wild.

  • Nikki

    he’s fine as hell.

  • NLynn

    U can see the effects of the syrup and the coke already…his face is not as defined as before. He looked better…yeah, this is gonna get worse before it gets better.

    I like Young Buc though, I hope he pulls through and dont be lookin like a dope phine in interviews like Weezy.

    Not a good look

  • Laughing at you...not with you

    @ Its6amHoGetOut…..”Ho Sit Down”

  • LMAO

    LOL Say whatever you want sweetie…We’re laughing all the way to the bank…Brooklyn Stand up…lol Yup that’s right, my man is from Brooklyn…haha I’m loving it…

  • JusMe

    Its6am…Love, it sounds like you’re doing an awful lot to get at a southern woman, seeing as how you have come up with a list of 10 Do’s to get one. Relax sweetheart; it’s sounds like a southern woman has broken your heart.

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