Random Ridiculousness: Tyra Lets Larry King Run his Fingers Through Her Hair…

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Tyra Banks went on Larry King earlier this week and talked about everything from weave to weight loss.  Pop the hood to see Larry give Tyra the feel test to see if she had a couple extra pieces in.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Okay Tyra, we believe you, DAMN.


  • Yaki

    Tyra is so corny to me.. furthermore.. she should not get praise for wearing her natural hair.. many women do it on a regular basis.. she is not setting any trends. CORNY ASS!

  • GGooDie


  • http://deleted Yasmin

    Tyra Fell Off To Me. I don’t know, Maybe It’s Just Me.
    Sometimes She’s a bit Extra.

  • Alaskan Baby

    gee willikers!

  • Pookie

    She tols on the show what everybody knows so….blah!

  • Pookie


  • vp

    she just likes to say “I” “me” “my”
    self obssesed
    she is corny get out of here

  • Anton Slizzardhands


  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)


    Tyra has no depth whatsoever.

    She’ll realize that when she gets older and her looks fade.

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    She’ll still be talking about HAIR at 60.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    I heart my hair

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    Agree with Stefany 1000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shar

    she talks too much

  • http://www.myspace.com/mnm456 MNM

    she looks like a prettier version of trina here..lol

  • http://ticketstubz.blogspot.com CF

    am I the only one who thinks her natural hair looks good and she really doesn’t need a weave?

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