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Khia 01

It’s a D-List wonderland. Khia is featured in photographer Derek Blanks’ newest photoshoot, along with Amerie and Lance Gross (Eva Pigford’s boo). He’s a gifted photographer, but even with all the bells and whistles, Khia still looks rough around them edges.

Amerie2Khia 03Amerie3Lance Gross 3

Many more under the hood

Amerie0Lance Gross 2Amerie1

Lance Gross 0Amerie 4Lance Gross 1Lance Gross 5

Khia 00Khia 02Lance Gross 6

Via Derek Blank’s Myspace page


  • http://www.flyygurl.blogspot.com Ash


  • http://GladItsNight.com Glad Its Night







  • http://www.flyygurl.blogspot.com Ash

    cant believe I was actually 1st! ps, this is the REAL ASH! (ashley nicole,that is) wow, where is Negrodamus Believes when u need him? Khia looks like she lookin for some “ungulates” to feed upon.lol

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Lance looks good

    Amerie—her hair color reminds me of Beyonce, sometimes they look alike

    As for the Chupacabra (Khia), I hope no live animals were at this photo shoot.

  • AJ

    That damn Lance has been fine since I meet him in college. He did a lot of modeling, so this suits him. Amerie looks good, and Khia….well…is Khia


    Khia is a hot ass mess!!!! That girl has been beat with the ugly stick too many times… She can put on as much make up as she wants, and she’s still gonna be ugly.. And her wack ass lyrics dont help much at all!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOR KHIA!!!!!

  • Applegrrl25

    Khia is disgusting…

    @ WHOA

    Amerie is looking a little Beyonceish, I agree!


    Hey Ms SMOKEY!!!!

  • Vinandi

    Lance Lance Lance! fine as hell! Could be the Black James Bond!

    Amerie- looks great

    Khia!!! I loves her- she is a hoodrat, uncouth and crazy as hell- but she’s not ugly!! If you beat some class into her- she might not lool too bad!

    I like her dreads!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    we were a damn mess on last friday’s blog, giggle!

  • valenne


    Amerie isone of the most beautiful woman i ve ever seen!! I am jealous!

    And khiai snot that bad looking actually! I would even say she is cute but she is just so dumb!!!And she will regret all those tattoos one day,she better save some money to take them off!!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Khia looks better in those pics.

  • Smartie

    Give that photoshopper a Nobel Peace Prize and a Purple Heart for fixing Khia up.

  • Vinandi

    @ Valenne

    yeah- the tattoos are nasty! I just don’t get all this self-mutilation ish either! its like Eve and those paws on her boobs! not a good look!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Im jealous of my girl Eva Pigford,

    I know Lance be breaking the head boards and

    tapping/ stroking dat @$$ at all times of the day

    he got that anywhere u want it baby but can sit at

    the dinner table with my folks style

    whew got me hot!

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