Rumor Control: Keyshia Cole Pregnancy

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There were some accusations that Keyshia Cole was knocked up by her boyfriend Boobie.  Finally someone has set the record straight.

Keyshia’s manager and family friend Manny was asked if Keyshia was really pregnant and he answered as any manager would with a big fat NO. While he was searching for the right words, he totally denied the fact that Keyshia would be sporting a baby bump anytime soon.  In fact, he says Keyshia and Boobie are both in LA together while Keyshia prepares for her new album.

Keyshia’s been getting a lot of time in LA and we hear that she may be moving back there which wouldn’t be a bad idea, with all the mess she has in the form of Frankie and Neffe who have invaded her ATL space.


  • copycat

    Dont do it Key….focus on your career and have some fun with your man….kids complicate $hit….fact.

  • Quiniquewa

    I wish she was pregnant.They would have a very pretty baby.

  • daliwood


  • Pookie

    She cant be that stupid to get pregnant by a “Boobie”. What kinda stupid name is that???




  • Nique

    Boobie is just as stupid as “POOKIE”

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I agree, waiting to start a family is a must! But you wanna know something, at the end of the day it’s her life!

  • http://bossip pecangirl

    Boobee is so fine & her cute he seems to be a gentlemen so I’m glad Keisha is happy and she moved on from Jeezy. She looks really happy in the photos that I have seen her in lately.

    *Kudos to Keisha Cole*

  • Atl_Finest

    Just one question………WHO IS BOOBIE & WHAT DOES HE DO FOR A LIVING?

  • my reply

    @Atl_finest…he plays for the cavs

  • randy orton fan 4 life

    you know what i notice when i see them together it seems to me that keyshia is leading the relationship

  • BritChick


  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983

    I don’t care for the nickname Boobie. Almost as bad as Pookie.

    Anyway, well I am sure she will have one in time. I want her to keep banging out the hits personally.


    maybe ‘Boobie” is her pet name for him, kinda like ‘boo’ or ‘baby’, im sure thats not his government and wud u guys please stop tryin to act like her parents worrying about what type of man he is. im sure keysha knows and is okay with watevit is that he does, and it jus dont concern ya’ll… if she gave a damn what ppl thought of her relationship situations, she probably wudnt have been wit jeezy so… back off n let her live

  • Yea, right!!!

    Did anyone read what was just said….and how many mnoths did Jhuds publicist and others say NO!!!! and most of you airheads said no and why haven’t we seen like a today pic of Keisha that pic was from months ago, a while back!!!
    Yea, right like any good manger would say NO!!!!Send us a recent pic Manny, like today no baggy clothes etc!!!
    Jhud was pregnant and has a baby after all the lying !!!!!

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