Lady GaGa Used to Be Normal… We’ve Got Proof

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Before the lace masked dresses, weave basket hats and Kermit the frog appearances, Lady GaGa used to look like a normal white chick. Pop the hood to see how she used to look.


Damn, we wonder if all the extra costumes are just a show or has she really morphed herself into another species?

Peep the Video of her perfoming with actual clothes on… still has hideous hair though.


  • AYoB!

    That’s before she sold her soul to satan.

  • GGsolovely

    I love her can’t wait till “Fame Kills” comes to my city!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    she looks like she wanted to be weird but couldnt afford it

  • Diva

    can we say “awkward?”

  • top ramen shotta

    that’s what hollywood will do to you.

  • Noneya!!

    True that @ AYoB!!

  • Organically Speaking....

    Do yall question Rihanna about that? Noooooooooo…so leave my Lady Gaga alone….she is simply fine. She the sh*t.

  • http://deleted Yasmin

    I Love Her!
    She is Amazing.
    She Has Done So Much In The Little Time That She’s Been Out.
    Im Sure There IS More To Come.
    Her Style Is Definitely A Bit on The Crazy Side, But
    Get What She’ Trying To Do. Can’t Knock Her.

  • http://deleted Yasmin

    So True @Organically SpeaKing.
    Everyday People is On Rihannas Ass, So Why SingleOut Lady GaGa??

  • Sharie

    LADY GAGA FOREVER!! Love her, very talented artist…

  • m

    LADY GAGA greatest thing since Madonna

  • Organically Speaking....

    @BILLIEJEAN….lol…i guess bILLIE..but i rather see fugly then hear it…because actually when ya listenin to it ya dont have to see it…with Rihanna diff story chicka…Lady gaga to me is actually a great singer. to me she just isnt some made up image to stay relevent. she actually has talent. shes different…which alot of ppl associate with being wierd…..which are mainly the ones that are either followers or pleasers.

  • wifey06

    None of these fools really sing well. Guess God saved the best for me.

  • wifey06

    at church.

  • AYoB!

    Rihanna sold her soul to the devil too, so both them hoes even.

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