SMH: Lamar and Khloe’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

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Where else could you get these four men grouped up together to have a good time, but Hollyweird? Lamar had his bachelor party at STK last night, and yes… that is Kourtney’s baby daddy looking extremely out of place.

Pop the top to see Khloe exiting her party with Kim, as well as some shots of her making final preparations for the big day with momma Kardashian



  • cocochanel09


  • b

    khloe looks so whack

  • This Girl Is Just Keeping It Real

    Kinda OFF TOPIC…

    I have a Question to all my fellow black sistas who seem to have a problem with these two getting married as I have seen in the comments in several other posts about them.

    OK, so Lets say that Lamar was about to marry a BLACK WOMEN he just met a month ago and had no pre-nup would it make it less stupid? HELL NO!

    At the end of the day its still a dumb move whether the women is black, white, green or orange. But obviously the fact that khloe is white seems to be the topic of some black womens mouths other than the fact that this marrige
    is the dumbest thing any MAN of his status could ever do.

    Another thing, why are so many black women worried about black men who are dating white chicks…SO WHAT? If thats who some want to date then thats their business. Ya’ll act like its a personal insult to see a white girl with a black man when in reality ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS who individuals date. If you don’t like the way black men are acting then jump the fence Date OUT sence you think so many black men don’t want black women go to those who do want you.

    JMHO from one sista to another….

  • statim08

    Diversity, ain’t it beautiful?

  • k diggs

    I think they make a cute couple. I wish them the best…PS I’m a black woman

  • JUDY

    This whole wedding is a sham.

  • BE

    I was wondering who that was on the left looking out of place among all them

  • Kigali (Female condoms are cheap)

    Tara youre probably just as ugly.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Jealousy will get you nowhere! Oh sorry…Yes it will…It’ll get u laughed at the ppl ur jealousy of?

  • The Main Event

    Truth is ….. Tara is right. Lamar’s crew look like a bunch of 17 year old …. 40 year olds!

  • Larry

    Enough about Lamar already

  • white male

    white guy is the only one dressed like he is in place

  • starlite

    @ Tropical English
    I agree with you. Kris Jenner is not a good role model (IMO), you would think she would talk some sense into Khloe and say ” why don’t you wait until you know him a little better” or ” think about what you are doing, you don’t know him well enough” or ” I don’t think this is a good idea Khloe”, but NO she (Kris) is all gun hoe about this whole ordeal! The whole family are a bunch of white golddiggers with no morals or values. I feel sorry for Lamar’s ex, and his children. I wonder if they invited Lamar’s family, I hear there will be only a few blacks at the wedding. Pitiful.

  • Supreme

    Ok so on the show Khloe was talking about how she didnt trust men after that basketball player was just using her and now shes getting married to an athlete. Yeah i definitely think this is fake. Its so random LMAO

  • kris

    All I can think about this is Why? Why are these two people who were both photographed with other people just 3 weeks ago decide I want to marry you Today!….lol dumb…they probaly stay married 3 weeks. But, No hate get your money girl.

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