Are You Feeling This Get Up??

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Teyana was spotted at the 3rd Anniversary party Rap-Up Magazine dressed like it’s Halloween. This isn’t the first time she struck out. A word of advice: hideous is NOT the new hip.

Check out more pics of Kerry Hilson, Lil Jon and more below.

Kerry HilsonNinaSky.Rap Up PartyLil Jon, Teyana and Co.

More pics under the hood

Kerry Hilson & Co. @ PartyTeyana & Co.


  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!


  • Dimple Pink


    I can’t stand this dumb chick. Can we all say CORNY!!!!!

  • bree

    ..this pic is like a week old.. hell no to the outfit..

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    What is this person wearing>??

  • Cage

    I think this is KRS 1’s daughter… Peep the nostril area…

  • msjlh

    i see a bunch of triple z-listers

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Cage…no you didn’t go there! she does have that double barrell shot gun nose though! DAYUM…you silly boy!

  • I cant say...

    I luv Tey!! Her mom is an old 125th street vendor relic and Tey, true to form, is up and down 125th with her buddies shopping on the wknd… She always has the big hair and wild colors- so do her buddies, but they are the cutest… Her mom, used to be a very eclectic dresser too and she was always with the “in” crowd- might I add a very attractive dark-skinned woman, REALLY!!! {no homo!!}

  • So_Surrus

    i see kerry covered them toes up this time..lmao!

  • Brie

    She’s the girl who did the song “google me, baby”- lol, google it. The video is actually pretty cute :)

  • so 510 bay

    Hot ass mess… thjat girl need to water it down a lil cus all them bright colors and non fasionable as fits only brings more attention to her hidious face and that bomb she calls a weave

  • Madam"O"

    Left eye has passed away and nobody can resurrect her style or appeal. This girl is annoying and her talent is medicore. I am waiting for her to pass through the night like other “One Hit Wonders”. If you can call her music a hit.

  • WTF

    i’m feelin her glasses, and thats the only thing decent about her get up

  • Jani

    Teyana is just another girl coming up with a diffrent style selling the same music. Its not music that you can put on in ten years and still feel the memories flooding back. Why can’t people really demand artists come out with proper music.

    If she thinks she looks cute she should know it looks like she got dressed in the dark was blind folded and dropped of at 3rd Anniversary party Rap-Up Magazine entrance with no choice to be captured the way she is, not a good look no one i repeat no one should leave their home dressed like a confused person.

  • bree

    LMAO @ you didn’t say that!…she’s too cute to be KRS1’s daughter

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