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Whitney Houston 422

Whitney and Ray-J were spotted at a boxing match on Saturday:

Whitney Houston was back to her bizarre ways at the Hopkins-Calzaghe fight in Vegas Saturday. ‘She was practically carried in by her staff, and her people snapped their fingers, saying, “‘Whitney needs a waitress!'” says our spy. ‘She couldn’t focus while Ray J sang the national anthem. But when he got back to her they were lovey-dovey all night.'”

At this point, bizarre is the norm for ole Whitney, and Ray-J has officially entered the black-hole that is her world. He might as well go ahead and reserve a bed at the Betty Ford clinic – he ’bout to get turned out!



  • I'm Just Me


  • I'm Just Me

    WOW!! I hope Whitney doesn’t turn into that hot @$$ mess that she was then. Ray-J needs to sit down somewhere. Someone actually hired him for the National Anthem? :( They could have done better. That is an interesting relationship to say the least!

  • Vinandi

    2nd biatches!!!!!

  • Vinandi

    3 rd then!

    I agree though- Whitney needs to check herself and not blow up 9 excuse the pun) her comeback before she even starts!

    I can’t belive that Ray J’s albulm is number one in the States though!

  • Vito

    I’m sorry I just don’t buy it. I don’t see her with a runt wanna be hard core and controversial doffus like Ray-J. Show me some solid hard core evidence then I might believe the hype.

  • pm

    There is nothing wrong with black cougers..let her have her fun

  • Vinandi

    Big up to Joe Calzaghe though!! all my Welsh brethren have been celebrating like crazy!!! Hopkins got beat by a white boy!

  • Sindy

    I hope this is not true. Whitney seem to be doing so well.

  • Bird


    Big up to Joe Calzaghe though!!


    Don’t be too excited. He barely beat a 43 year old fighter. And some would argue he didn’t really win at all.

    As for Whit I pray she is not hitting the pipe again. And why are folks still acting like she is a goody two shoes? Ray J is her kind of man.

  • Melissa

    LOL!!!No matter what I still luv myself some Whit…although I am highly dissappointed.She is in my prayers.

  • num1dominicano

    Ray J is doing a good job staying relevant..

  • Southern Belle 225

    Good Morning yall!

    @I’m just me, what’s up girl!… know, she still looks like she’s strung out. Ray J is just trying to stay relevant and in the news. But no one cares about him. I only feel sorry for Bobby Christina. If she can still turn out ok, it would be a miracle!

  • da darkness

    i wanna hear the diss track at bobby. what does the daughter have to say about these nutty characters

  • MR

    I heard Ray-J singing the national anthem at the Bernard Hopkins boxing match on HBO this past Saturday and he was a HOT MESS! He can’t sing worth a flip!! From now on, he needs to start using a voice box like T-Pain to make his voice sound decent.

  • Star

    Whitney is turned out by Ray J, she always liked the young meat as gross as it sounds. Instead of focusing on a man, she need to be focusing on that daughter of hers! Her daughter is screaming for attention, but more than that she is screaming for some black friends and some quality looking makeup. Wet n Wild is out Bobbi K.

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