Naomi’s Troubles

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Naomi Campbell

Spitfire Naomi recently apologized to British Ariways for her unruly behavior. Now she reveals some of her innermost thoughts:

“‘I travel a lot. I love traveling. It’s peaceful in the air. Nobody can get me there.’ She says she’s had therapy because inside her flamboyant outbursts is a scared deserted child and: ‘What I hate is people who, because you are in the public eye, try to take advantage of you, blackmail you. Unfortunately what happens is that lawyers become your best friend . . . What has been written about me is out of the hemisphere. Just wrong . . . I don’t care if they call me a bitch. A bitch is someone defending their rights . . . I’m a fighter.’ But ‘I’ve learned to meditate, to give myself some breaks during the day. I’ve rediscovered my good humor.'”

It’s clear that Naomi definitely needs to learn how to chill the hell out. May we suggest aromatherapy or purchasing a new weave to cover that raggedy-ass hairline?

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  • whateva!

    1st Biatchhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss

  • I'm Just Me


  • I'm Just Me

    OKAY 2nd

  • da darkness

    black girl lost

  • Southern Belle 225

    Poor Naomi. She needs to get it together. She’s just gorgeous!

  • num1dominicano

    look at cuz’s slippers..

  • I'm Just Me

    Wow that hairline is a little high but she still looks amazing. I hope she really learns how to deal with that rage she has…it makes her look and seem so disgusting.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Her hairline looks better than Vivica’s….

  • ms meca

    alot of celebrity’s got bad hair lines

  • Kim

    Noamie please get your act right…there is no need in being this aggressive

  • rosemarybaby

    she look good to be 100 years old but what is up with dude that is her something new she need to go back to the old

  • Grace

    @Ms Meca……….Those LACE FRONT WIGS are ripping sistas hair right out. Those wigs were orginally designed for cancer patients. They basically glue lace to the front of your hairline. Each time you remove the wig, more hair is coming out. It’s like giving your forehead a wax. I was at a class at Bonner Brothers hair show in Atlanta.

  • WordzOfaProphet

    Is she serious. There’s a scared child inside her?? Naomi, dont make me die in a fight of laughter. U a grown ass woman u jus need 2 stop throwing temper tantrums, u 2 old 4 dat.

  • Jai

    Even with a bad hair line, she’s still looks fierce!! But please stop with all the childish excuses and get some much needed help.

  • Al-Anon

    Naomi needs to spank the sh*t out of that scared deserted little child inside of her and tell her to grow the f**k up!!

    Especially, before someone gets mad enough to shoot or stab her!!

    Her outbursts are not funny or cute.

    If you need anger management classes, please take them. If you need medication, please get some.

    Not everyone is going to want to sue you for your antics. Lots of people would like to whoop your ass!

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