Yung Berg Gets Socked in Biscuit Head By White Guy and Does NOTHING!

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Poor Yung Berg can’t win for losing. In the video underneath the hood, a heated discussion and small fade is caught, but when Yung Turd attempts to flee into a store to get away… a white boy catches fade with the back of his head.

Pop the top and peep

Vodpod videos no longer available.

At least we know why he rolls around with a team now. Wonder what would happen if someone tried to extort him…


  • Lisa


  • Tammy13

    That is what he gets for that “dark skinned girl comment” Karma keeps on catching up with him

  • Jade Silver (24/09/2009 - Heritage Day)


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Bet he wish he could take that comment back! Is he even working?

  • robyn lisa

    PROOF…rappers are actors…denied!



  • Midnite

    Yeah they all call on a dark butt when they get in trouble,

  • Miss Kesha86

    This dude is beyond lame.

  • robyn lisa

    definitely gonna need a change of careers…they have disrespected him for life…no credibility in the rap game…

    I wonder…what would Tupac say about this…lol

  • robyn lisa

    what are these 8th graders…nobody look taller than 5 feet…

    I don’t know if its yung berg or bushwick bill…freakin midgets…small like one digit…lol

  • i said...

    Is this dude known for anything else besides getting hit?


    he must not have any hair on his peaches lmao!!!
    soft ass

  • LaShaStarr29

    LMBFAO I bet white dude probably have a dark butt girlfriend!!!!

  • Re

    Would ya’ll have rather seen some guns pulled? Or more violence?

    *whew* Now that I got that message out of the way…Young Berg, why are you always getting hit? Stand up for yourself?

  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983

    @ Re


    He is a young punk from the suburbs talking too much trash. I guess they didn’t teach him how to back it up out there. Personally though, I think folks are just trying to steal on him

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