If Looks Could Kill

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Jay-Z Pout 5

Jay-Z the Camel was spotted on his way into GOA nightclub last night sportin’ one fierce expression. We could speculate as to why he looks like a sour puss, but we’d rather mention how much he looks like one of the characters from Fat Albert – which may explain why he wants to take on the silver screen:

“‘I want to get into the movie business. I love films and that’s why I feel I would do a good job. My recording contract runs out after two more albums. Who knows what I will do after that.’”

This is what happens: A brotha gets his stacks up, then he thinks he’s a jack of all trades and sh*t. Sean made a mockery out of the stage and screen. We can only imagine what Jay-Z’s impact would be, but we’re pretty sure it would be classified as horror. Please do us all a favor Jay-Z and keep that busted grill behind the scenes.

Jay-Z PoutJay-Z Pout 2Jay-Z and Fat Albert

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  • Blunt Truth


  • Dre


  • ATLlady

    Can someone PLEASE confirm Jay-Z’s HEAD GAME or Inches of Personailty hes working with?? Because he is one ugly MOFO, and MONEY still aint making him look cute!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    He looks like he is tired of the stalkerazzi sweating him. I don’t blame him. Of course if he retires he won’t have to deal with this problem anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Leave my Boo alone.


    That man has the NOSTRILS OF LIFE….Damn he betta not be 2 feet near cocaine or he’ll surely be hooked…

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Hmmm…in that thumbnail his lips remind me of Tyrone Biggums…

  • Honey Dew

    Damn he’s ugly. What a thing to see at the start of a work day.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Even with the shades and hoody on I can still see the UGLY creeping

    out. This dude got the Donald Trump appeal. FUGLY but women love

    him due to his success & fame.

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    good morning every one

    feelin his swag but not feelin his nostrils or his lips

  • tye tye

    he look kinda good in this pic,or is beyonce rubbin off on him?

  • huh

    dude got famous for hot rhymes.. not for modeling, so stop hatin! however he is definitely charismatic

  • Haqikah

    Yes he looks like one of those characters.


  • huh

    superficial society.. funny how y’all prefer looks over personality.

  • jusplayit04 The Great


    and i think Beyonce just told him “I think it was a mistake to get married”

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