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Stacey Dash 01

Stacey Dash is the cover girl for this month’s issue of the prestigious King Magazine. We’ve included more tantalizing images of the certified banger in her King spread for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Stacey Dash 02Stacey Dash 03Stacey Dash 04Stacey Dash 05

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More beneath the hood

Stacey Dash 06


  • Vito

    Go head Stacey I ain’t mad atch cuz you’re lookin’ good.

  • Keeping It Gully

    Im first..of course….

  • bbb

    She is stunning,classic,timelessly beautiful! Drool.


    always assss &&&&& breast–rarely brains!

  • swoosh


  • swoosh

    there’s more pics on they young, black and fabulous and in 1 of the pics her ass is completly gone

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    hmmm that backside don’t look so big now…

    i see King decided to not do as much photo shopping this

    time around.

    still beautiful, but are these pictures current?

  • BE

    There is a God.

  • Lisa

    She is beautiful but her face appears long, almost boyish like in a couple of the pics, sorry guys but true!!

  • And...

    Please read & answer:

    Nice, but the cover is what sells the mag so we know all that tail isn’t hers. *See inside pics*

    She’s pretty, so she can do it.

    If she’s tired of seeing ass & such why is she showing hers? Wasn’t she in Playboy?

    Why do these actresses that have been on the back burner try to revive their career by taking it off?

  • And...


    Huh? Ok? I know right. Nobody does that anymore. Has she not been paying attention to everyone in the high waist/mom jeans, tunics, belted shirts/dresses and maxi dresses?

    Lol! I don’t feel her plea at all.

  • Sex C

    Why must people always find something wrong with someone? I’m not gay but Stacey is bad chick and a certified banger. SMH at all the haters. Please sit down!

    Do your thing Stacey, these girls half your age are wishing upon a star and can’t find nothing nice to say.

  • ATLlady

    OKAY I love Stacey, but what else is she doing?

  • Applegrrl25

    I love her…she is gorgeous!

  • valenne

    So what happen? Did she loose all her ASS??

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