NeNe is Off the Joneses and Trying to Keep Up with the Skinny Chicks.

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“Man Hands” NeNe was caught shopping at Intermix in L.A. She claims she’s a size 8 and grant it, Intermix caters to anyone that wears a size nothing to around a size 10. BUT NeNe’s a$$ is not a size 8…

Pop the Hood and You Decide



    Maybe she is a 8 at the bottom…and a 14/16 at the top…


    She shouldn’t be wearing anything but a saddle.


    Yay! First! lol




    Her lower body looks like an 8 to me

  • Alrighty Then...

    Well, I guess if Kim K is a size 2, NeNe can be a size 8! lol… smh @ vanity sizes…

  • Aunt Viv

    I’m not convinced she’s an 8. Unless the camera adds 25 pounds and not the standard 10 pounds, my guess is she’s more like a size 12.

  • Aunt Viv

    Nothing wrong with that. I just wish she dressed more age appropriate.

  • told you so

    who cares? who is the chick in the brown jacket? she looks a little better

  • diane

    ne ne is a size 12 tall…. trust me I know I worked at norstroms some years ago seasonal and she’s straight lucky brand because low rise seven’s will not work

  • http://Bossip sara

    I always wondered if Hollywood sizes are different because all of them stunt on their sizes.I wear a 7 jr’s and I am really small in women’s I wear a 5.Kim K says she is a 6.If she is a six then I am a 3/4.We ain’t even gonna get on Ne-Ne 8 like I said I wear a 7

  • Zil

    She’s an 8…in NeNe land!

  • http://Bossip SHORTY WOP!

    i hate to call someone ugly! but, NeNe is ulgy in so many ways!

  • Atl_Finest

    NeNe is a 14W

  • Jade

    she does look like she can squeeze into an 8..pants..but i doubt an 8 in a dress because her top half is way larger than her bottom..but I love her anyways!!!

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