Who is Responsible for “”Baby Thugs?” Black Men, Black Women, Hip-Hop, The White Man??????

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The murder of honor student Derrion Albert has touched a nerve among a lot of people and we want to get some of your thoughts on “what’s really going on” in our communities. Who is to blame for 3 out of 4 Black babies being born without a “good father” present?


  • Lisa


  • Ms. Littlejohn

    We all need to do our part.

  • Royal Chocolate

    There’s a lot of work to be done to fix this issue.

  • charlieblanko

    lol@the poll answers…lmao

  • charlieblanko

    lol@people saying black women or black men…voting either or…

  • sepiaesthetica

    We are ALL to blame! :(

  • oohyummy

    Everybody is the blame! PEOPLE are only concerned with themselves, they dont have compassion,common sense and simply can care less!!example – these people talking about “FIRST” and have nothing else to say!SMH

  • resurrected

    I sat selfishness is the real murderer people are content with there own selfish lives… I just wonder what are those boys thinking now…

  • josh

    And i agree with mojojojo, color shouldnt come into it, it should just be “irresponsible men/women” rather than “black men/women”. Violence has nothing to do with color. (and im white btw).

  • soulwoman

    I like options 2 and 4 the most.

  • Miss B

    All take fault. Stop blaming on everyone else and hold ourselves accountable (sp).

  • franco

    black women offcourse. they are ghetto and have sh*tty attitude to produce this animals.

  • citiboi

    I didn’t understand until I was put in that situation. I got married with no kids to a strong black girlfriend of 7 years. She got pregnant on the honeymoon. My father wasn’t there much so I always told myself I would always be there for my kids. NOWWW, guess what, she to damn strong for me cuz. We always fuss and for what? Now my child will probably grow up in the hood cause I’m the bread winner and wifey keeps the babies. What’s a nig**tado? Get the baby on weekends and pay child support?

  • Kierah

    Playing the blame game gets us nowhere. Solutions people!

  • http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/kanye-west-entourage-fashion-week-paris.jpg Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    @Black Women

    If you KNOW that you’re dealing with a man that “ain’t sh*t” PLEASE wear a condom or use some sort of birth control!!!

    Come on now, you know when you’re dealing with a mature man that is of substance, has character & is about something and when you’re not… SMH

    Alright here’s the test = Can you “proudly” introduce him to your Grandmother and other important & significant people in your life???

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