Isn’t He Married???: Sanaa Lathan is Letting a Married White Man Chop Her Down???

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Remember when we told you that Sanaa Lathan was moving in with Steve Rifkind? Well, it turns out Rifkind is a notorious swirler, maybe married, and has a family with seeds and all at home.

Pop the top to peep his family and read a brief bio on Steve Rifkind

rifkind family

“Steve Rifkind is a music entrepreneur who is, according to XXL magazine, “responsible for breaking in some of hip-hop’s biggest artists in his 25 years in the business.” Rifkind was the founder and chairman of Loud Records as well as the founder and current chairman of SRC Records. He is associated with artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Akon, David Banner, and Big Pun. Rifkind has also launched marketing campaigns for companies like T-Mobile, Adidas, SanDisk and Chief Executive Air, a charter jet company . In a 2000 interview with CNN, Rifkind remarked that “Young people want to be cool in general, but it has nothing to do with lyrics.”

Come on Sanaa! You can do so much better. Don’t end up like Gabby “Break-A” Union. SMH


  • Redd Foxxx(You Can't Cut My Pretty Wings)

    Damn he isnot even cute.

  • In Living Color

    Wassup with ole girl’s boob sweat???

  • tb

    Damn, I guess a blk chick has to take what she can get.

  • Lady J

    He got a nice chocalate brown lady….I’m Loving the swirl game now!!


    He could be divorced. Why is it that whenever a black woman does something with a non black man all we hear is negativity but a black man does it and he’s given a pass.

  • In Living Color

    LMAO!!! Gabby Break-A Union!!! That is classic.

  • http://bossip srr

    Gabby Break-A-Union, Swiss Cheats, and Alicia Sleaze. All well-deserved monikers.

  • Ummmmmm....

    I must really be late…what happened to the fine football player she was with? Dang Gabby, this is a major downgrade!!!

  • shar

    Nice wife, cute kids they get their beauty from their momma!

  • resurrected

    Isn’t that the same role that she played in that Family that Preys to together? Well if he is all that they are saying that the is then he true colors will surface eventually…

  • Xavier

    Yes Sanaa, you can do much better!

  • Melinda

    Who knows. There were rumors about her creeping with married Denzel back in the day…


    and this is the same woman thats gonna have the nerve to ask for respect!!!

  • Pookie

    He looks fame-hungry

  • Black to the Bone

    I guess folks did not read the fact, that dude has been behind the scenes in the entertainment business for 25 years…let me explain to you EXACTLY what that means:

    he gets paid everytime an artist affiliated with his company/investments grants an interview, releases a single, releases an album, is searched on a website, promotes a product, appears on the internet.

    He is far wealthier than any NFL/NBA dude Sanaa has ever been with and HELL SANAA made more money than the NFL/NBA ballers.

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