Alicia’s in Recovery Mode

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Alicia 106-1

Alicia is on the mend:

“Alicia Keys announced on Wednesday that swollen vocal cords are causing her to cancel two shows on her recently launch concert tour.

[She] was forced to pull the plug on next Tuesday night’s show in Pittsburgh and her concert in Cleveland next Thursday. According to her record company, tickets for the canceled Cleveland show will be honored at next Saturday’s performance in Columbus, Ohio, where Alicia is expected to make her return to the stage.”

Damn, that sounds unpleasant. We wish her a speedy recovery. Check out more pics of Alicia Keys at a recent appearance at 106 & Park below.

Alicia 106-2Alicia 106-3Alicia 106-4Alicia 106-5



  • Naw Son

    Her body is FIRE!!!!

  • jsmitty

    first again

  • L-nana

    If she stop all that hollering and start singing, maybe her vocal chords wouldn’t be so swollen.

  • Teezy

    HOT MESS! I’m from Cleveland and I bought $75 tickets. Somebody better be giving me my money back. I know they dont think I’m driving to Columbus to see her show when gas is $3.49 a gallon. Ohhh and I’m 3rd!

  • I'm Just Me

    Not feeling the stone washed jeans look but i do hope she can recover quickly! That sounds like it is no fun at all.

  • Vinandi

    STONEWASH JEANS- in 2008!!! all kinds of Wrong!!

  • Southern Belle 225

    I hope she gets well very soon! She is just gorgeous! I hate the jeans but at least they are fitting her really good. I love the shoes!

  • ms meca

    first jordan sparks not alicia this is gettin teh best of people

  • I'm Just Me

    @Teezy…I wush gas over here was still $3.49 a gallon. We are up to $3.70 in most spots!

  • bree

    ..i love her figure, can’t wait til i have my beach body..those shoes are sooooo bad!

  • Ugly Nikki

    Janet Jackson is looking for you Alicia

  • KiKi

    she was EXTREMELY hoarse on the Today Show so that doesn’t surprise me at all. she has got to learn how to take of her voice…she had to cancels shows in Europe too earlier in her tour. SMH

  • div

    I agree with L-nana. Stop yelling, start singing, and she definitely wouldn’t have this problem. Been thinking that for MONTHS now.

  • homie

    Damn, she’s thick!!

  • homie

    @ Righteous Indignation

    What in the hell are you talking about?

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