Dead-Beat Daddy??

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Chris Tucker 424

Allegedly, Chris Tucker is on some dead-beat ish:

“Chris Tucker is facing a legal battle with a woman who claims he is the ‘deadbeat father’ of her two-year-old daughter. Gail Webb is demanding child support payments from the 35-year-old comedian, claiming the pair dated for years before he disappeared as soon as they discovered she was pregnant with little Krista Jane.

She says, ‘I just want help with Krista and want her to know her father. If Chris Tucker wants to go to court, I welcome the opportunity to show the world what a big liar – and deadbeat father – he really is.’ But the Rush Hour star maintains he has never even met his accuser.”

Say it isn’t so. Especially with all those stacks, we hope he’s not holding out on his responsibilities. On the other hand, it does sound like that chick is looking for a payday. DNA tests never lie, so we’ll have to wait ‘n’ see on this one.


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