Bey Bey Beyonce Throws Some Shade on Jay-Z’s Oprah Glory and Tapes a Show This Week…

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Just a week and some change after Jay hit up the Oprah show and it was successful, we hear Bey Bey Beyonce wants some of the shine and will hit up Oprah’s show this week to tape her episode.  A mere coincidence or is someone spotlight jealous???

It could be a mere coincidence in scheduling that Oprah’s staff scheduled Beyonce to come on the show so quickly after her husband, but we don’t think so.  We are trying to figure out the significance of Beyonce going on the show with no album to promote, a tour that’s halfway over, and no movies in the mix.  What could she possibly have to talk about?

We think Beyonce’s management squared away a show with Bey in order to keep up with Jay-Z and take some of his shine that they knew would come from his monumental interview with Oprah.  Not saying Bey Bey was hating on her husband but she merely threw a little shade his way to let him know she’s still the head celebrity in their household.


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