Bey Bey Beyonce Throws Some Shade on Jay-Z’s Oprah Glory and Tapes a Show This Week…

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Just a week and some change after Jay hit up the Oprah show and it was successful, we hear Bey Bey Beyonce wants some of the shine and will hit up Oprah’s show this week to tape her episode.  A mere coincidence or is someone spotlight jealous???

It could be a mere coincidence in scheduling that Oprah’s staff scheduled Beyonce to come on the show so quickly after her husband, but we don’t think so.  We are trying to figure out the significance of Beyonce going on the show with no album to promote, a tour that’s halfway over, and no movies in the mix.  What could she possibly have to talk about?

We think Beyonce’s management squared away a show with Bey in order to keep up with Jay-Z and take some of his shine that they knew would come from his monumental interview with Oprah.  Not saying Bey Bey was hating on her husband but she merely threw a little shade his way to let him know she’s still the head celebrity in their household.


  • jay


  • Syxxitrini

    2nd….I think her taping had to be in the works because these things go by one’s schedule…doesn’t it? So I don’t think it has anything to do with stealing some of his shine.

  • burrito9245

    She’s going on Oprah to announce her pregnancy?

  • Well Alright.......

    I will bet that Oprah won’t “go there” and ask Beyonce about her father’s paternity suit. The interview will probably be the same ole softball type of questions.

  • Peyton...... Alicia Keys "The Element of Freedom" out in stores December 1!!!!!

    This is just Bey returning the favor to Oprah, for getting Jay and Solange on the show(think about it how would they both be on there if it wasn’t for Bey, hell Oprah loves Bey).

    @ POOKY, really, cause I can’t tell, you are like the third person to comment *stratches head* I just dont understand people like you.

  • The Third Eye

    I think she doesn’t know how to take the back seat in any situation whether it’s DC, Jay-Z, or within her family. Even the best of the best knows how to let someone else have some shine. I think her overexposure is due to the confidence she lacks. Why do you think we see alter ego to boost her stage presence, or songs like ego to hype herself?

  • Samara

    not true in order for Oprah to get beyonce on her show again there was an agreement that she would do a show with Jay-z first and that’s how Jay got on Oprah. so the interview with Beyonce was a followup on the promise she kept to Oprah if she interviewed Jay

  • noelle

    Oh God..(steps outside to smoke a Black and listen to Yes_. Look, it is very A-PAIR-RENT that Beyonce is a bit upset about her husband’s knewly successful business venture that well..he has always had, and he will just keep getting bigger and richer. Plus, his album is outr now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • noelle

    Oh shit, Sherri got show coming out????????????/

  • noelle

    And win is shhe going back to Lyndell?

  • Thanks bossip!



  • MrTavMarie

    I wonder if Oprah knows her daddy probably knocked up some random chick? She probably won’t ask Beyonce that (on camera at least)

    noelle you here too?

  • http://Bossip So what Oprah will ask the same dumb ass question,she will give the same dumb answers this is what the people want to know

    How does she feel about people saying she worships the devil?
    Why did she wear the Bopohmet devil costume?
    How does she feel about people saying Jay-Z and Rihanna are sleeping together?
    How does she feel about her fans eating sleeping and breathing her feeling like their own lives are pointless?
    Will she ever stop wearing a weave?
    How does she feel about Jay-Z being quick to talk about Rihanna, but won’t even say your (Beyonce) name.
    Do you really believe Jay-Z love you?
    Do you really love him?
    Is your marriage a business arrangement?
    Do you feel like you were pimped from a young age by your daddy?
    Do you feel ashamed because you pop and throw your coochie everywhere?
    What message do you think you send to young girls?

  • memchee

    Oprah Glory?

    Yeah, right!

  • mk

    Chick needs therapy. enough said.

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