Gucci Mane and Plies Like to Get “WASTED” Like the WHITE BOYS!!!

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Gucci Mane and Plies have a new jawn called Wasted. These two are hilarious but we know Gucci has not been getting wasted at all because he is still in rehab.

Pop it for a Peek

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  • WTF

    Gucci is trash!!

  • white male

    Some rapper should call himself Fubu Guy

  • chaka1

    I will leave this mess to the kiddies.

  • Arniesa

    WOW! You are so late! This song is played, I need you all to get it together. They dont even play this version anymore, as it was breach in a agreement. Geesh, obviously you all don’t research much! SMH

  • iAmKing

    Gucci Mane’s lips are blacker than Wesley Snipes!


    who cares they were both born ugly Im sorry i mean wasted =/

  • turkishjamaican

    stop poising our youth!!!

  • sheripie



    Keep hating you HATERS God said don’t judge boy are u HATERS really listening to him go change your tampon pad.


    Yeah I know I am sanctified but I love hip hop.. I grew up urban and I am hiphop. My friend hates the MC in me.. I can be a bit much.. This track goes hard.. not advocating the message but it has a nice instrumental and is hilar.. i BEEN BUMPIN gUCCI ALL WEEK..

  • coolsteezyshawty

    umm gee..this song is like super old..

  • reka_baby

    i refuse to play it.
    plies + gucci mane = disaster

    Gucci rep ATL to the fullest!
    even tho that ninja from Bham, AL smh

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I’m way too educated, and was raised too well, to be listening to this mindless drivel but…I’M ON REMY STRAIGHT TONIGHT DAWG, NO CHASER! Y’all stop being little wannabe W.E.B DuBois’ and have a little fun! “Sticky kinda racist, all her diamonds CAUCASIAN!”

  • gorgeous

    i don’t wear baggy pants like the black boys, but i do eat chicken like the black boys, lol

  • cm

    I can’t understand why BUT I like this dam# song :)

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