‘Blood Diamond Russ’ Wants Hip-Hop Meeting at Lyor Cohen’s Crib

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In response to the Imus controversy, Russell Simmons is scheduling at a “private” hip-hop meeting at Lyor Cohen’s crib (pictured above). Blood Diamond Russ disagrees with Al Sharpton’s latest efforts to wage a political Jihad against record companies promiscuously pushing “bitches, hoes, and drugs” in their lyrics. Blood Diamond Russ says:

“I’m not saying all rap is good. But most of what I hear from rappers is an honest depiction of what they know. The poet is just reflecting the truth of society.

In Russell’s world, Lyor’s crib is the perfect spot to address these issues, you have to throw the issues to people who really care. When is Blood Diamond Russ going to get impeached?

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Click here if you’re wondering why we call him “Blood Diamond Russ”.

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