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Lynn Whitfield and her daughter Grace Gibson hit up the 7th annual Tribeca Film festival for the movie “Tennessee” in NYC this weekend. We must say, Lynn is looking awfully good for 54.

More images from that event:


Check out more pics under the hood..



MiMi and Da Brat seem to be attached at the hip, nothing like some good “BFF” action.

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  • crazy black lady

    lynn whitfield is much younger than 54 years!

  • SpongeMunkie

    Damn!! 54?? I hope I look that good when I hit 34!!


    she looks so nice, even her daughter looks great

  • Nicole

    It’s either their skin or the make-up…what’s going on?


    She’s so proud of that white man’s chile.

  • Bird

    Bad lighting can really wreak havic on the appearance of one’s makeup. Zoe Kravitz has been getting out a lot lately. Is she embarking on a career of some kind? I don’t want to start thinking of her as another Paris Hilton.

  • Bird


    She’s so proud of that white man’s chile.


    Uhhh, should she not be proud of her child? Do you think woman with black fathers for their children are less proud?

  • trs

    @ everyone

    Please don’t take the bait! Ignore racist ignorance at it’s finest….

    Her daughter looks just like her!!! They are both looking good!!

  • SW10

    ewww they look terrible wats up wit their faces did they get burnt or something.

  • SW10

    and why are lynn’s feet ashy.

  • bree

    what is up with these women wearing foundation 3 shades too light?

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    They almost look like twins. :)

  • Somer

    Lynn need to stay away from the plastic surgeon.

  • Sparkle

    Lynn is a Southern gal from Baton Rouge and she’s only 46 or 47. Her daughter Grace has grown up to be a beauty because as a child she was sort of funny looking like Mariah Carey.

  • Fergulicious

    they are both pretty,but it looks like they did their own makeup……its way to light ……..mimi and her man must be going public lol

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