Blast From the Past: En Vogue at the Plymouth Jazz Festival Tobago

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En Vogue 1

Now you don’t have to ask what ever happened to En Vogue…They got old!

En Vogue was a part of the star-studded roster at the Plymouth Jazz Festival Trinidad Tobago. On the real, we know they tore that stage up. It’s refreshing to see some real talent for a change.

En Vogue 2En Vogue 3

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    They are soo fly

  • Get it right...

    it’s good to see them working together again…

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    i love them… theyre not old!!.. theyre mature

  • lil latte

    I wish they would have included a sound clip would love to hear them

  • pl

    i totally love them, because of them i started listening to r&b

  • honeylicious

    They don’t look so bad. I still listen to their music.

  • ms meca

    pussip you are so wrong for repeatin what whitney houston said (Trinidad) when it was really Tobago.

  • Reese

    Dayum…Maxienne QQN “healthy”

  • honeylicious

    i like their cute little tops

  • Lauren- GO SIXERS!!!

    Morning Ms. Meca, do you see my gravie?

  • BB

    I didn’t know Dawn was back with the group?

  • Jerzo

    cindy was always the dopest one to me.

  • WyzePro

    ” I used to have a crush on Dawn from EnVogue….it’s not like honey dip would want to get with me….but just in case I got more condoms than TLC”…..phife dawg..”Oh My Gawd”

  • Southern Belle 225

    They still look good! They need to get back together and do a fab ass come back! I think that would be off the chain. Loves me some En Vogue!

  • Southern Belle 225

    @i really hope…go to and select register. Its really easy.

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