Which One Would You Hit???

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uncle luke. too $hort

Uncle Luke and Too $hort kicked it in Miami for $hort Dog’s 42nd birthday.

If you HAD to hit one of these old heads and their gray facial hair, Which One?


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  • *starlight*

    none they are both busted

  • Devster

    He is cute. He is now dating some hot girls he met through ‘mill ion aire fri ends c om’. Rumor? Believe it or not! Is he looking for a serious relationship or just for fun?

  • guilty pleasure


  • Southern Belle 225

    Neither one. Never. EWWWWWWW! Uncle Luke would probably freak the hell out of you but that’s alright, I’ll pass.

  • Hip-Hop Head


    They’re both gross

  • Who me?!

    Too Short!! He could rap something dirty to me!! lol

  • Necy

    ewwwwwwwwwww gross !!! I might catch something…

  • http://ff Chokola

    smh… they like thrice my age.

  • intenzemocha

    And you wonder why you have so called “gold diggers” plotting to have sex with entertainers or sport figures and getting pregnant

    because their DUMB A$$E$ constantly prove that pu$$y makes their world go round-so if you put yourself out there with chicks that will get but naked for a buck-don’t complain when she turns up pregnant looking for a paycheck-

    As long as the getting is good and there are no strings attach these dumb mofos are happy-when a baby pop up then they want to cry foul

    Stop paying women for sex (sexual acts) and you can stop the art of “gold digging” all together.

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    deg pussip you be playin us… these old heads…..

    can we atleast get a nice lookin man even if you dont show him naked?

  • so 510 bay

    ewww! none of them nasty disease infected freaks

  • MS. Baltimore

    OMG i was at this damn concert it was horrible he was selling ass on the stage did three songs and sold some more ass. those two girls in the pic went to Vegas with his ass the nest day to sell some more ass.

  • so 510 bay

    and look at them drunk as trailor park chicks they wit so outta line

  • so 510 bay

    oops *ass*

  • faehoi

    oh ha

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