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Mel B & Fam

Mel B was spotted on a family outing in Beverly Hills. And yes, that’s little Angel Iris in the stroller. Chris Rock was also spotted spending quality time with the wife and kids at the park in Beverly Hills recently, as you can see below. Looks like Chris is attempting to put his troubles behind him, and just focus on the fam.

Angel Iris MurphyChris Rock & FamChris Rock & Fam 1Chris Rock & Fam 2

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  • Big Mike



    He looks poor…yet he is not. Think about it😉

  • Big Mike

    Sorry dude.

  • red

    damn,those is some ugly kids!

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    looking a little ashy their Chris….

  • Hope

    Awww they are just too cute! Gorgeous girls!

  • SUPERstarShine

    Angel Iris is a cutie pie (I refuse to comment on Eddie right now…SMH)

    I don’t know what it is but there is something I just like about Mel B’s swag.

  • e-ka

    Chris is getting too skinny

  • I'm Just Me

    Too Cute!! Good to see these celebs with their children.

  • SMDH

    You all are so stupid. This is clearly some type of photoshop art making it appear that a Black man is spending time with his family let alone his kids. A Black man must’ve altered the real photo!

  • J

    Is he on crack? He’s looking like Pookay!!!!!

  • MistaO

    Seeing Chris Rock (and Mel) with their families is such a treat! We desperately need to see more Black families in this light as it supports what we truly need, more INTACT Black families.

    Prayerfully, Chris and his wife, and other Black couples as well, can continue to weather the storms and stay together and strong. It’s the best scenario for our children and their children to be successful and break many of these chains that continue to hamper our progress as a people. Kudos to the real Black people out here!

  • that one girl

    Mel B’s baby is precious and I just love Chris Rock’s family.

  • kigali

    Chris Rock is officially middle aged! LOL, I love the guy. Cute family.

  • Madam"O"

    Nice families. Now I can look at Chris’s kids and see that those children are definitely his. Any woman claiming Chris as her babydaddy wouldn’t need a DNA test, just show the babys picture- that should almost be proof enough……(lol)

  • rena

    Angel Iris is so adorable how could Eddie be such a sh*t head. I really don’t like him for this. I can’t stand a dead beat.

  • Southern Goodness

    Mel B has a body to kill for.



  • tye tye

    @SMDH, are you lacking attention?

  • lisalisa

    What ethnicity is Mels husband?

  • Sha

    Chris rock looks very Somali-like in these photos.

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