Quote of the Day: Kwame Kilpatrick’s Texts

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The text messages from 5 years ago that ruined both the careers of the shady Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former lover/Chief of Staff Christine Beatty are available for the world to see. Here is a little taste:

CB: “LOL! Nig*a, I already claimed it! KCK 2012. You told me that you would be my boyfriend everyday until I was your wife. Are you renigging?

KK: “Hell no! Don’t Start none. Won’t be none niggette! LOL!”

CB: “I Look forward to it. It’s official, I need a night, how about you…

KK: “Sh*t I need it real bad. My nig*a! I love you you know that.”

They sound real simple and now their simple asses are probably regretting the hell out of this ish. Didn’t they know text messages are the easiest way to get caught? Dumb fu*ks.

Click here for the entire 18-page transcript of this ridiculousness.


Thanks Detroit


  • Lauren- GO SIXERS!!!


  • v


  • so 510 bay


  • Mz. Ju-C Applebum

    Pray for the black race! Amen.

  • http://YAHOO mzprettylady

    stright stupid! Thats what they cheateing asses get!

  • TaShA

    i’m SOOOO tired of hearin about them…i still gotta see them on the news like everyday.

  • SMDH

    We never should’ve given the Black male phones. See how they do? Cheat on a sister for a white woman! Black men…ughh!

  • so 510 bay

    oops my bad *priceless*

  • bree

    .. so 510, i agree

    18 pages worth? damn that sounds like bathroom reading

  • so 510 bay

    she’s not white she’s blk

  • http://www.flyygurl.blogspot.com Ash

    top 20!!! this has got me to thinking…

  • SMDH

    so 510 must be a black male trying to take up for his stupid friends. I know photoshop when I see it! Boy you all are so easily tricked!

  • Amber(GO CAVS!!!!!)

    Damn she typed some long ass text msgs. Lol

  • so 510 bay

    actually im a blk woman and this case is hella old she’s blk

  • Lisa

    I can’t wait for the movie! Strippers, murder, infidelity, misuse of power and funds, shytttttt I’d pay to see this! Maybe Anthony Anderson can play the mayor, and the actress that played Levita on Steve Harvey can play old girl…hummmm

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