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Jennifer Hudson 01

Jennifer Hudson was spotted at LAX airport yesterday.

Fill in the Blank: Jennifer Hudson looks like she’s ____________________________.

Jennifer Hudson 02Jennifer Hudson 03


  • bree


  • bree

    she looks like she just came out the gym.. & i’m telling you- i don’t like the hair piece

  • ag

    How is she so “big boned” with SUCH a flat ass? Boggles the mind indeed.

  • http://80sBabyCrazy B.Rock

    …trying her damndest to tuck the gut

  • Jerome


  • justme

    the second pic is kinda sorta almost cute???? well whatever she looks smaller though

  • so 510 bay

    just smelled her own breathe

  • so 510 bay

    but her body looks really good no homo

  • Trin

    ….she’s on that liquid diet lol

  • Mina

    Didn’t know her ass was THAT flat! lmao

  • so 510 bay

    oh wait i didnt c that second pic she has no ass, none at all

  • TaShA

    omg why do chicks think it’s cute or ok to wear coochie cutting pants/leggings out in public??? YYYYYYY??? i just hate when ppl do that cuz it looks so trife

  • swoosh

    oh sh*t ya’ll caught me with no make up on

  • And...

    I’ve always been boggled by thicker women w/flat asses. Not like it can’t happen, but I have a friend w/banging hips and when she turns around the ass of her pants is loose.

    I mean no booty.

    J. Hud usually does a good job is disguising the flat butt & those knocked-knees.

    I mean hey…she was traveling.


    well she looks like a regular person

    down to earth … just chilling

    she dont have to be glam up at all times


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