Which Ho Needs to Sit Down???

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The old negro mafia is doing everything they can to make sure the Democratic nomination is taken away from Barack Obama. First, you have Pastor Wright, acting a fool the other day and betraying Obama. The shucking and jivin’ pastor had to make sure he got his shine on. SMH. It’s not that he wasn’t telling the truth, his timing could have been more thoughtful of his brotha’s campaign.

Second, you have that shady Clinton mafia still pimpin’ Maya Angelou in new campaign ads against Obama, we thought she retired from the track?

Third, you have a Clinton supporter, Barbara Reynolds, making sure ‘Reverend’ Wright spoke at a well publicized Press Club event. The Clinton campaign then called all the press to make sure they got all the ammo the Clinton administration and racist white folks need to keep pressure on Obama.

We must ask, who needs to sit their silly ass down and stop being pimped by the shady Clintons?


  • Simply Ecstasy

    All of em’

  • Cherry


  • glok9n


  • Cherry


    OBAMA 08

  • dat dude that will choke a chics nek

    yeah, why did anyone ASSUME that rev.wright was an obama supporter? i think it’s clear who he’s riding for

  • Simply Ecstasy

    Sorry to take First from you Cherry. It wasn’t on purpose.

    @ fly young lady… nope they didn’t learn from the last time they put a Hoe sit down on Maya. They like the drama.

  • dat dude that will choke a chics nek

    ^^^here’s a question for all you chickenheads that keep yelling first FIRST .. do you get a free press and curl when you do that? what is THAT about?

  • Mz. Ju-C Applebum

    Oh Lawd…you gonna have every sista from the AKA’s ready to ride on ya’ll ass…take the Ho away and try something else.

  • Lovely One

    Can someone provide the link where Rev. Wright made a fool of himself on Monday. I’m totally lost.

  • Simply Ecstasy

    I don’t know why everybody be so happy to yell first… like that make em feel special or something. All it means to me is somebody got way too much time on they hands to keep pressing refresh until a new story pop up.

  • thewrite1

    i smell a pay off, rev. jackleg

  • JJ

    This is why we as a people struggle the way we do. We continue to fall into the traps that are set for us. Anybody with any since knows that Barack cannot and will not win this nomination without the white vote. What does the reverand do? He gets right out there on front street and starts running his mouth putting fear in white folk who haven’t quite yet made up their minds on who to vote for. This has got to stop or we will allow the haters to rob this brother of what is rightfully his, the Presidency. And they will do it by pitting us against just as they’ve all done. Come on peeps, the rev needs put that ego of his in check for a minute and look at the big picture.

  • Its6amHogetOut

    Wow i’m now convinced either the Clinton or Mccain campaign paid this Reverend to speak out right now, This in effect keeps his name and his rhetoric in the minds of white voters before the next primaries.

    I told ya’ll White America will never really accept a Black man as the most powerful man in the Universe and now they’ve found the perfect foil (Reverend Wright) to shoulder all the blame, Hillary’s and McCains hands stay clean.

  • Its6amHogetOut

    Remember 6am never wrong, Reverend Wright will go down as one man who shot down our best chance for change.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Miss Lady Clinton sho’ must be a-smiling now! Did we do good, fo’ ya boss?!

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