“Permed Up” Al Sharpton Puts Up Pimp Hand Trying to Stop Rush Limbaugh From Buying Into NFL

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Al Sharpton has written a letter expressing his distaste that Limbaugh may be buying into an NFL franchise:

In the letter, Sharpton tells Goodell, “Rush Limbaugh has beendivisive and anti-NFL on several occasions with comments about NFL Players including Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb.”

In 2003, Limbaugh famously argued that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was getting special treatment in the press because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed. But in his letter, Sharpton brought up another Rush-centric controversy, adding that Rush’s “recent statement that the NFL was beginning to look like a fight between the Crips and the Bloods without the weapons, was disturbing.”

Sharpton’s letter comes in the wake of public opposition from the head of the NFL Players Association, who also asked Goodell to reject Rush from the league.

It would be a disaster to allow Rush Limbaugh to make any kind of decision inside the NFL.



  • MissChoklate

    Those rich white people who own the franchise NFL dont care about Rushs ill gotten rhetoric. They see dollar signs and as long as that Bigot can buy into the club he is more then welcome. Its amazing another artform that rich white men profit off of. No matter if they have the sentiments that they are superior to others..like the hip hop game..the money this artform makes puts millions of dollars in the mans pockets and I am pretty sure they dont like the artform or appreciate the artform. Rush is an idiot but he is an rich idiot and unfortuneately money talks.


    Sorry Al…money talks Bull Sh** walks, he will get ownership in the NFL. It’s so sad but so true!

  • white male

    Those are funny pics of the two of them.

  • Sin

    Al is completely corrupt! Who is he to tell anyone what to do!!!!

  • Frederick Cooler

    It doesnt matter if Rush (to pop pills) Limbaugh buys a team or not. He is not the only “racist/bigot” to own an NFL franchise nor would he be the last. In a league that still has the racist “tribute” to the Native American, Washington franchise is it any wonder. That same team that gave up the first pick in the draft rather than be forced to draft an African AMerican with the number one pick. That being said, most modern day athletes would rather make it rain in the club or shoot em up in the VIP than make any real social stance so if they “allow” Slow Limbaugh…excuse me Rush to own its their own fault. In a league that 60% black they wield the power. But as always the case with us…”the sleeper has awoken! Looked around checked the clock and gone back to bed”

  • sassalene


    Sorry Al…money talks Bull Sh** walks, he will get ownership in the NFL. It’s so sad but so true!

    Wow I was just about to say the exact ame thing lol! Al Sharpton need to just sit down somewhere on this because thus is all about money nothing personal. And I am sure that the NFL commissioner isn’t dumb enough let rush buy into a team.

  • medievalpoetry

    They are both as annoying as each other. They should be dropped off on a remote island somewhere to argue all day long.

  • Miss B

    I doubt players want to play for Rush. I doubt anyone smart person will not allow him to buy into a team.

    Profits going down the drain

  • http://baker.edu d. knott(detroit fresh)

    yeah, i don’t like Rush’s views on a lot of things(especially black people and their issues/situations)even though he is often right, regardless of how abrasive, divisive, or ignorant he sounds. but, he aint the first and won’t be the last in professional sports team ownership.

  • http://ipowerrichmond.com/cap-city/kingtutt/rev-al-sharpton-writes-nfl-commish-roger-goodell-to-block-rush-limbaughs-bid-on-st-louis-rams/ Rev. Al Sharpton Writes NFL Commish Roger Goodell to Block Rush Limbaugh’s Bid on St. Louis Rams | WCDX

    […] the letter, Sharpton tells Goodell, “Rush Limbaugh has beendivisive and anti-NFL on several occasions with comments about NFL Players including Michael Vick and Donovan […]

  • always knew

    I dont agree with Al, just trying to get started on another controversy, BUT the players are right, Limbaugh is a disgrace, HOW MANY WILL STILL PLAY AFTER HE OWNS THE TEAM? NOT ONE, WILL QUIT.

    All that’s required is for them to get their millions and run up and down the field, for everyone’s entertainment, most celebs care about their bling, houses and cars. They are not going to give up the lifestyle. I applaud them for pretending that they really give a f-ck…

    Al Sharpton, is an enigma, to himself. Always at the right place, at the right time. Sometimes, I agree with him and sometimes, I don’t. I don’t like that he and Jesse are the “unofficial spokesman’ or blks. It makes me mad because they broker deals, that get them paid and often whatever individual was havin issues, still has the issues, they take their cut and on to the next victim– Where I am from that’s called PIMPING. Anytime you give someone a cut of your funds, you are being pimped… Just a thought and my 2 cents..

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    I am with Al on this one. Definitely, definitely not in anyone’s best interest that this man own any part of any NFL team. Period.

    Now, with this being said, I believe he WILL own part of an NFL team and I think man will talk trash under their breaths but not leave those contracts.

  • white male

    I don’t listen to Rush, what did he say that was so racist?

  • resurrected

    If black people were smart and if this man gets to own a team that will finally stand up for something and never join this man team no matter how much he is going to pay them… He has no respect for the black race and we know that most NFL and NBA team are filled with black talent and that it mostly carries the team… So be smart and reject his racist azz son of a B****h because he really thinks that he has power over other people and he will only spread his ignorance and posion… They might have the team and the money to have the team but they still need your talent and there lays the power….

  • Medieval Poetry

    @white male

    Nothing really.

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