Actor’s Wife Get’s Out of Pocket

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Robe Lowe and wife/bitch Sheryl

Laura Boyce, a nanny involved in some scandal with actor Rob Lowe, has accused his wife Sheryl of some truly foul behavior, such as:

– Asking questions about how she could have sex with Boyce’s boyfriend, given his 7′ height (he’s a former NBA player).

– Using her forearm to gesture the size of Boyce’s boyfriend’s penis.

– After Boyce allegedly phoned to say she wasn’t coming to work because she was sick, Sheryl allegedly screamed Boyce “got strep throat from sucking ni***r d**k. I mean black d**k.”

That wheffah sounds nutty than a mf. She’s obviously just jealous of her Nanny for having access to the real deal – the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.



  • Rika from the Block


  • datgirl


  • The Real Lauren- GO SIXERS!!

    LMAO This story is strange…..

  • Southern Belle 225

    @lauren..hey girlie!

    WOW @ rob lowe and his wife and that nanny.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    what’s suspect is that this girls initial complaint was about Rob Lowe….no mention at all of the wife’s behavior….any normal person would have mentioned the wife’s comments right off the bat….sounds like she’s trying to add on to the complaint so that she can get more money

  • 6 Figgaz

    Sounds like she on dat “Fear of a Black Pen!$” type sh*t.

    Lotta these ugly witches act like the black man is Public Enemy #1 but secretly want us to trick ’em out in the bedroom. Twisted freak b*tches…

  • versace

    I believe what the nanny is saying. Also, for her to use her forearm to fantasize that rob lowes dick was that big.

  • anonymous

    she probably wanted a three-some and homegirl said no

  • Lindy

    lol..anonymous you are probably right!

  • anonymous

    she wasn’t referring the rob lowe when she used her arm she was referring to the nanny’s boyfriend

  • Serafina

    Oh Please, Californians are notorious for sniffing cash trails and jumping on whatever train that can get them there. She didn’t come forward with this until the other nanny filed a lawsuit? Almost repeating the very same words the first one said?

    Did she not know that the credibility of the first one was shot when she claimed that she kept going back to work for them and when she was on national television with a smirk on her face?

    Those aren’t the traits of a woman thats been “abused” or “harrassed”.

    I hope they don’t settle. Seems to me they are two money seeking hags.

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Co-sign 6 Figgaz!

  • Vanessa

    I agree with Serafina.

    The second nanny is only doing this to damage the mother’s reputation and to try to get something out of it.

    Stop posting the nannies sayings as if she is telling the truth.

    Perfect example of blackmailing a couple by running their name threw the dirt.

    The nannies are nothing but a waste of space.

  • I'm Just Me


  • bree

    Rob Lowe is such a cutie..

    i too, agree, that the nanny is jumping on the sue-happy bandwagon..but just by looking at this woman, i’m sure Rob was f^cking hotter girls- look at him!

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