Al’s Mom: “My Son Didn’t Want a Divorce”

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Al’s mom says he didn’t want a divorce:

“He did not want this divorce at all. He wanted to stay married. I think Star wanted the divorce, not Al.”

Yeah we’re sure he didn’t want a divorce from Star, she was caking him up something proper.



  • Bird

    Uh, Perez Hilton is reporting that Nick and Mariah are married.

  • Official TimeHater

    I’ll just bet he didn’t, he’s not ready to get out of her saggin’ pockets yet!

  • Melinda

    Of course he didn’t want a divorce Star’s money is way longer… but she is no one fool and I believe she wanted out before she was humiliated by what appears to be a Brotha on the DL I can smell the sugar.

  • $moK.E.Y.


  • I'm Just Me

    ILL…Who cares. That man is gay as all get out! She should want a divorce. He doesn’t wanted to be exposed for the Dorothy that he is.

  • I cant say...

    Al has money- his parents are loaded so he was raised in a very privileged household. Star gave him status, but he was never a broke down dude… He’s attractive and very metrosexual (are we still using that term) for a male. She did alright I just wish they could have lasted a bit…. Touche!!

  • guilty pleasure

    Maybe, he can hook up with Eddie Murphy now………

  • Suga Mo

    Uh! He was never down low. You could still spot his flaming ass in a cave covered in tar with black fur underwear caressing his flemsy ass. He wasn’t fooling no one. She’s just cock eyed so she didn’t see it.

  • Sara

    How does an intelligent woman, a lawyer, not know that her man is gay and also using her? She can’t keep a man or a job. Please Star, get it together. You could have been a good role model for the sisters.

  • Old Timer

    Any woman who marries a man that is younger and better looking than she is will NEVER be HAPPY!!

  • Purple Snapple Juice

    Wanting the divorce would mean the end of his free ride. I believe her.

    @ i’m just me

    Sup gurl. Where u at?

  • Old Timer

    Well, at least she can say that she WAS MARRIED ONCE!! She’s not a bitter old spinster who was forever waiting on a man to propose to her like KIM PORTER!!

    At least she didn’t have no sugar babies with Al, that would have been too sweet.

  • Afiya

    :lol: check out Moms trying to squash the rumors…of course he didn’t want to divorce his meal ticket…DUH!

  • Raven

    Eww @ gossip cloning perez’s graffiti.

    Be original, suckas.

  • elle

    that sucks when its not mutual

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