Crackhouse Makes Way for Destiny

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Look out for Beyonce in the next 007 flick, Quantum of Solace:

“Beyonce Knowles is being lined up to do the soundtrack for the new Bond movie after trainwreck Amy Winehouse pulled out.”

We’re not surprised to hear that basehead Winehouse backed out. We’re sure Bey will make a more than an adequate replacement for the job.



  • sdfsdfg

    She is very gorgeous.She has posted this pic on a celeb dating club ” mar rymi llio naire . c o m ” Many of her fans were seeking for her and wanna chat with her.She is very hot on that club and that club is also hot because of her.

  • da darkness

    yeah eff all that singing movies, dats where the paper is at.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I was actually looking forward to Amy Winehouse doing the soundtrack. Say what you want about her drug issues but the girl can SANG and makes great music. However, I know Beyonce will do a bang up job as well. Stay tuned.

  • Jai

    Go figure!! That girl is going to try and get an Osacr by any means necessary!!!

  • I'm Just Me

    Well that is good for her.

  • Your all Freakin' Nazi's!

    what about that movie with Etta james? the biopic? i want to see that

  • MDM.Org

    Get that money B, if Amy can’t get it together- its her lost.

  • annoying us

    stunner beyonce wasn’t the first choice

    she was chosen after AMY WHINEHOUSE back out

    hot dam, LMAO

  • Aunt Viv

    I’m tired of Amy Wine-O. Let her focus on her sobriety. Good for Beyonce.

  • kiki

    first or last choice the check will still be in HER pockets!

  • Kia

    Jai what does this have to do with an Oscar? I swear people will come up with the dumbest stuff when it comes to Beyonce. No wonder she is so private.

    Anyway they should have went with Beyonce in the first place, but I’m sure she was busy with the Etta movie. I am a fan of Amy’s music too but she needs to get herself together. Congrats to Beyonce.

  • Q

    Beyonce>Amy. Good choice.

  • I cant say...

    I luv Bey but I think I would have enjoyed the Amy soundtrack for Bond

  • Skittles Ferrari

    I love Ol’ Creole just as much as the rest of ’em, but Bond deserves more interesting music. I’m not tryna see nobody snap fo’ the kids and pat they weave (much less shake they derriere in dem House of Dereons) while I’m lusting after Bond.

  • Corey W.

    I’m glad she got the spot for the bond movie, as long as she is not acting in it. Nothing against Bey, it’s just the level of talent in the music industry these days is questionable, and so is her acting. I miss the days where real actors were used in movies

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