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James Brown & Tomi Rae Hynie

It sounds like mission accomplished for Tomi Rae Hynie:

An attorney for the 6-year-old son of a woman who claimed to be James Brown’s wife when he died says an independent DNA test confirms the soul singer fathered the child.

Brown II is the son of Tomi Rae Hynie, a former backup singer for the Godfather of Soul.

We’re pretty sure that gold-digging wheffah is giddy as hell right about now. Looks like her payday has finally arrived. Maybe she can use some of that cash to hit up Dr. 90210 – she is one haggardly broad.



  • The Hair

    Oh wow, he was no prize either.

  • TAG

    Let’s not forget how they were not married but according to her, Brown demanded everyone refer to her as his ‘wife’. Rest his soul

  • fsfeioreg

    She is a mammonist? She seems to seek for rich man to date on a celeb dating club “M a r r y m i l l i o n a i r e . c o m”.She posted her nice pic on that club.

  • versace

    Good for her! It’s not like James Brown didn’t date other races, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Baby87

    LOL….That boy looks just like him!

  • ms braided beauty the real one

    no he may not have been no prize either .. but a ugly woman is the pitts… a man is suppose to have a nice looking woman especially a wife and a man with money…. this troll was a washed up ole haggard looking white golddigging thing… i was hoping it wasnt his kid….

  • EZRawlins

    Well, JB has no one to blame for this unfortunate mess but himself. Maybe if Tomi had DIVORCED her previous husband prior to hooking up with the Godfather, then there wont be so much drama surrounding her son. The kid definitely deserves whatever the other children are entitled to, but SHE shouldn’t get anything beyond child support until she can unequivocally prove her legal status as his wife. And she DAMN SURE isn’t entitled to the ‘Godmother of Soul’ title; that title is EARNED, not bestowed upon whoever lays up with Soul Bro. Number One.

  • lanette

    why dog the woman? the kid is James Brown fair and square.

    nobody forced him to be with her.

  • Serafina

    I fail to see why she’d be giddy over something she’s known since she was pregnant with her child, that James Brown was his father.

    She wasn’t some skank that came out of the woodworks after he died. She LIVED with James. James CLAIMED her and his son. James LAWYERS kicked her out of their home. Knowing full well that man was probably rolling is his freshly dug grave.

    Therefore leaving her to fight for what was rightfully her child’s. A piece of the $200 James probably have left in his bank account.

    It doesn’t matter what we think. He obviously was crazy about this woman, so she shouldn’t be treated as an outcast by his greedy azz children.

    I still say that the other ones should have to take a dna too. Show them how it feels.

    Did they make that 40 something year old teacher take a DNA test? Nope.

    Mean selves.

  • Lisa

    Co-sign with Baby87

    There was NEVER doubt in my mind, that child was his.

  • oooh

    here’s the real doozer .. some of those ‘older ones’ ain’t his and they know who they are

  • BellaY

    I’m not mad at her because James Brown could have worn a condom. Time to pay up!!! LOL!!

  • Trudi

    Tomi Rae really doesn’t deserve to be called “trash” just because she stood up for her child’s rights. And why do you let JB off the hook? He’s a known wife beater and womanizer — hardly anybody’s saint.

  • CC

    Tomie Rae was his wife. It was horrible how she was treated after his death. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like, it is how someone makes you feel that is important. James married Tomie Rae because he loved her. She was his back up singer for years before they got together. I really felt sad for her during his funeral because she had no inputand most people treated her like an outcast. Now, hopefully she can put everything to rest. A good lawyer needs to make sure the child’s well being and financial future is taking care of.

  • Well

    Funny how you could call her a gold digging “wheffah” and talk about her now that James Brown is dead but act like you are all for the swirl on here, especially when it comes to Black men and non Black women…Are you only kissing ass when the Black men are alive and still coupled up?

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