Monica Gets Called out for Being a Homewrecker…

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Just when we thought things were on the upside for Monica with her new reality show debuting on BET this month, a lady is trying to rain on Mo’s parade with claims that Monica was trying to get with her husband.

Really?!? or Did Monica Shoot him Down…

While at a Saks Fifth Avenue, the woman claims she went to another section of the store to go look at more merchandise and while she was away, her man claims Monica was trying to holla. He claims that Monica practically begged him to put her number in his phone until his wife called looking for him and then Monica backed off…

Interesting, her husband probably got caught in the act and tried to clean it up. With Monica having such a beautiful family of her own, we can’t picture her fu*king up someone else’s… but you never know.

What ya’ll think: True or False???

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