Gary Dourdan: Those Rocks Weren’t Mine

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CSI actor Gary Dourdan says the rocks that one-time recently found on him were not his.

By the the the look of the people he kicks it with in Hollyweird and by the look of his mug in various photos, he sure does look like he knows a thing or two about some yay.

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  • R U Kidding Me?

    Doesn’t he have a drug problem on the show? Life replicating art… So sad.

  • as seen on t.v.

    on the show he had a gambling problem and since he left or lost his wife he was pill popping so your right not too far from his true life…sad cause this man is gorgeous and a really good actor…

  • Somer

    Gary was married to model Rhoshumba Williams. Years ago she use to work for ET as a correspondent. She was the dark model who kept a short hairstyle. She was never into weaves or wigs. I see his taste in women has drasticly changed.

    So the drugs were not his????? I wouldn’t expect any other statement from him.

  • Meeka-Meek


    He was married to Rhoshumba? I looked up to her as a teen.

    Yeah, a lot of men have switched to light bright in recent years. Oh, cause they found out they were mixed – probably.

    They need to take a cue from Obama.

  • Panamanians Do It Better




    :) :)

  • Well

    @Somer, I didnt even know he was married to Roshumba…I met her years ago at a modeling convention…She’s avery nice woman…She told me I was very beautiful and I should try harder for acting…I guess because I’m not so tall and acting can be more lucrative and successful…I bought her book too and she autographed it for me…

  • innocent until proven guilty

    He’s innocent until proven guilty… just because he has those sleepy eyes don’t mean he’s a druggie. Just because he looked f*cked most of the time (on the show) doesn’t mean he was actually on somethin’ – innocent until proven guilty!

  • Al-Anon


    If drugs are found in your car on in your home, I think they are presumed to be YOURS!!! Your cousin, Quantavious could have left them there, but they are on YOUR personal property and thus considered YOURS!!

  • brown sugar

    is that vanessa carlton with him???

  • Tracey

    Who cares, drugs seem to be making these stars more famous nowadays, if he isnt locked up for a good year i dont get a rats ass…no doubt he is trying to make it on the big screens!

    if it works for winehouse, it would work for others…boring!!!!!



  • Serafina

    If some of you would read other reports outside of whats written here, you’d see that he wasn’t charged when they found him with the drugs. That the police feel the belonged to someone that was a part of a group he’d gone out with AND that all of the drug tests he submitted have been coming back negative.

    So, if he willingly gave blood to have himself tested and he wasn’t reprimanded by his producers or thrown into rehab by CBS, then chances are that the man is telling the truth.

    He may drink, he may not. He may do some drugs, he may not. But it appears that all the mess he was caught with was not his, nor was he under the influence of any of them.

    And here it was just last week that everyone thought he’d been fired from the show. How quick are we to judge.

  • tracey

    what’s the connection between the police and one-time? I can’t figure that one out.

  • anon

    i beleive him…and o.j. is innocent, 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, george bush didn’t rob the election,sean bell and rodney king deserved it, slavery didn’t happen nor did the holocaust, michael jackson has never had a nose job and r. kelly thought she was 31 no 13…Jesus was black…oops that’s true…

  • NuMe


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