Dennis Rodman… Just Ri-DAMN-Diculousness

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Dennis Rodman is probably one of the very few men that can walk down the street in women’s clothing and no one says anything, but sometimes he can still take it too far. Check out Dennis hitting the runway in this Pink Catastrophe…

Check Out His Crack Shot While on the Runway




    He’s a mess…

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    Uh at least it was for a good cause??

    Um, how can this man ever have been taken seriously as a basketball player?

    I don’t know…is he still married to himself?

  • Pookie

    LMAO @ the ass-crack.

  • Jason Marcus

    South Park eyes.

  • white male

    he’s 6’10 with muscles and tattoos and piercings, who is gonna say anything to him?

  • 2cents

    Please someone give this man a hug.

  • I only come to Bossip to read "6am" Comments

    Who is this?!?!? LLS

  • mswin


  • in4mustpimpette

    He looks just like my supervisor on her good day. Ha-Ha!

  • Royal Chocolate

    He needs true spirituality.

  • Reign

    This man was obviously traumatized when he was young and never received counseling. He is so confused and psychologically damaged. He screams for help and still nobody hears him…it’s probably too late so we all just shake our heads and keep going when we see him like this…

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    @ Belvi

    I think he did it to himself.

  • 2dimplzs

    Seriously – why? Why should we care?

  • Fk

    luk like a Gay-Thug to me!!!

  • Alrighty Then...

    Ummm, hasn’t he outlived his usefulness?
    Can’t we just take him out back and put him down?

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