Greetings from Rikers

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Remy Ma 505

Remy Ma speaks out from the pen:

“‘It’s nothing. I’m in here chillin’ – eating mad mackerel,’ the rapper joked, quickly changing tone to a more serious nature. ‘I’m in the cell 23 hours a day – max security. It’s real crazy over here. You got certain officers that are extra nice and you got the ones that are extra not nice. I be telling them it’s not my fault that my commissary is more than their salary.’”

‘Don’t be mistaken about a jury that was not my peers. There was no tan [or] dark brown, Black – nothing – on that jury. It’s a whole conspiracy against rappers right now so I already knew what it was,’ she said.

The rapper insisted she would return for another interview, because she has ‘wild phone time.’ It appeared that her fiancé rapper Papoose was on the call as well.”

No doubt she and Papoose are working on those jailhouse wedding arrangements. Don’t be surprised to find that Remy will emerge new and improved after her stint in jail. Looks like she’s taking a page from Foxy – a little time in lock down seems to be working wonders for her.



  • Jsmitty

    first biatch


  • fsfeioreg

    she is pretty and hot,right?

    She is a hot member of a celeb dating club ” Marrym ill io na i m ” It was said that she wanna seek for rich man to date. Who will be the lucky rich man?

  • def

    I heard that she is seeking rich men on in these days. Reported by the magazine , she uploaded some of her hot and half naked pictures over there.Just go and check it out.

  • Nino

    Except that she’ll be doing way more time than Foxy–so maybe when she paroles in ten years she’ll have come to here senses and realize that her ass is locked up for SHOOTING HER FRIEND and not because of the color of the jury.

  • afadfa

    LMAO, at her pretending like she is happy……..

    23 hours a day, locked up. She is suffering. She needs to stop the “fake thug” act

  • Nino

    her senses

  • Ieshia


  • khia213

    I’m really beginning to believe that jail is not hard enough. All these rappers claiming how easy it is. Maybe we should send them South to work on a chain gang. See if it’s still all that after 10 hours working hot tar on a county road.

  • Why?

    I laugh at people incarcerated that brag on how good they eating and whats on their books I would rather be free anyday that eat a prison Steak or steak em same thing in there.

    If this chick know so much and its a conspiracy why shoot somebody and give the peopel what they want.

    No way it’sa ll good in there like she would love us to believe she is holding it down making the most of it. Now by acting like she is so comfortable is she begging for mo time? please STFU

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    You shot someone over a disagreement and then expect a jury (regardless of whether they are

    your peers or not) to not convict you as not guilty. WTF?!?

    I would never brag on being in JAIL, their is no honor in being incarcerated!

    And you are in your cell 23 hours a day. This sounds like you are being kept

    away from the general population. Sounds like the prison and warden agreed

    that you would be considered an EASY TARGET in the yard! SMDH

    A fool tying to flip the script. Now that she is found guilty and jailed, I’m sure

    the victim will file a civil suit if they haven’t already. Remy your commissary is looking

    pretty weak now lady.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


  • lil latte

    I am sure she sits up in that cell like the world owes her something,while she is eating her mackeral. Because there is a conspiracy against rappers that SHOOT people…hmmmm yeah that sounds about right…

  • Ugly Nikki

    I hope her son is okay. I hope she gets out early and maybe gets some house arrest and a lot of parole.

  • Frog-a-licious

    Remy Remy Remy….. That’s all I gotta say.

  • lisabeller

    It’s said she asked one of her rich friend to look after her son. I got this news on “m i l l i o n a i r e l o v e r . c o m” where the rich & celebrity gather! I think it’s true

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