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Beyonce & Jay-Z 505

JayBey are inseparable, so naturally, Beyonce made a surprise appearance at Jay-Z’s & Mary J’s Heart of the City Tour:

“During Jay-Z’s solo set, he has a part where he shows off. Jay literally sits in the DJ booth and pushes buttons to cue up instrumentals of classics like ‘Money Ain’t a Thang,’ ‘Who You Wit’ and ‘Hard Knock Life.’ ‘F— that,’ Jay yelled every time he played a song, cutting it off within seconds of bringing it up. Humorously, he started ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ and just like before, he stopped it after a second. ‘F— that,’ he said with a grin. Then Hov pulled up Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love’ and, you guessed it, said, ‘F— that too. … No disrespect.

Almost immediately, Beyoncé came onstage, walking with a sassy ‘how dare you’ strut. Jay started ‘Crazy in Love’ again, and B did her crowd-pleasing ‘uh oh’ dance. She walked over to Jay, did a spin, smiled and went backstage. Jay doubled over laughing.”

Sounds like those newlyweds are all giddy with joy. They are due for another collaboration by now, guess we have to wait for at least another nine months.



  • The Real Lauren, the only Lauren, I know u wanna be me, its cute.


  • The SchoLar

    This is the closest ive eva been 2 1st lol!!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Awww! That’s Kute! lol

  • binary star

    Oh Beyonce – the things I would do to you.

  • The SchoLar

    Prego LiFe is gonna be fun for LAdy B and Hov… She will probably wear a corset to hide the Baby bump too just like they are not comfirming the wedding…lolz!!

  • Kamee'

    Good description…… we could literally see this in our minds….. how cute.

  • Naheem

    I think Jay and B are a good example for all like many before them. Keep it up guys. May God Bless and keep them both.

  • The Real Lauren, the only Lauren, I know u wanna be me, its cute.

    They are TOOOOO CUTE 2 gether!!!

  • Lili

    Y’all are late…you shoulda posted the video (or at least the link); I saw it somewhere else.

    But they are having crazy fun…good for them!

  • Octavia

    Awww… love. Good for them. Nice to see two people married and actually in love. That goes for celebs and non-celebs.

  • Jahpson

    she appeared at a concert…so?

  • Hi I'm Lauren, I have a bastard child, I'm from Philly & I'm a Chipmunk ho.

    Jay & Bey can suck a toe. Only ghetto no life idiots like most of you all really care.

    @ Sixer

    The 76er’s lost just like u lost out when u decided to mess w/ me. It’s a no no no.

  • Celebrity CSI

    Some other website claiming Beyonce & Jayz have big news to announce this week. Yeah probably to announce more news to come in the following weeks. lol

  • Elle_Boogie

    For the Record Matthew Knowles called in to two Houston Radio stations 97.9 the BOXX and Majiq 102.1 and stated that the bloggers are making up stories Beyonce is NOT PREGNANT!. She is currently in the studio getting ready to push out another album. SO FOR THE RECORD…THE ONLY THING BEYONCE WILL BE PUSHING OUT IN ANOTHER NINE MONTHS OR LESS IS ANOTHER ALBUM!! GET YOUR FACTS TOGETHER!

  • Sunny Days

    That is too cute! MAN i wish had of been there! I really have faith in that couple!

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