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Foxy in Jail

Foxy Brown is walking through a revolving door that leads right back to Rikers:

“Just two weeks after being freed from Rikers Island after an eight month stint in prison, Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown may have run afoul of the law again. A judge issued a bench warrant for rapper Foxy Brown, after she failed to appear in Brooklyn Criminal Court earlier today. Brown, who was released from prison on April 18, was due in court today, to face assault and weapons charges , stemming from an altercation with her Brooklyn neighbor.”

This comes as no shock. This b*tch is crazy, pure and simple. SMH.


An Inga Update:

“A bench warrant for the arrest of Foxy Brown was rescinded after a court mix-up called for the arrest of the rapper who was recently released from New York’s Rikers Island.”

Whatevah. The b*tch is still crazy.



  • DanaDane

    Hey I’m first! Well, maybe her and Remy can be cellmates and start a girl group together…

  • Aye


  • I'm Just Me

    LMAOOOO!! For real. Didn’t I say it? Didn’t I effin’ say it? Yes I did. All those fake church photos and she is messing up already. Sit yo @$$ down like I said.

  • Jahpson

    Foxy, come on! dont be dumb

    try and make all your court dates, haven’t you learned anything? you can’t play with the law

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    She gets on my D*MN Nerves! Isn’t her career over already!

  • AlwaysFirst,EvenWhenImNot


    maybe she forgot to go?

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Her and her Attorneys need to be smacked upside their heads!!!

  • Lady elle

    People have to be productive in their own maturity.

    It’s been lame for a long time now how people just won’t do right.

    Hopefully she has a legitimate reason for her absence, if not throw her ghetto a$$ right back in.


  • Celebrity CSI

    Apparently this chick lives by the wish factor….lol.

  • bree

    Foxy couldn’t make it to court because she did not HEAR the order!..LOL! :-P

  • 6 Figgaz


    Good luck trick…

  • Star

    I bet she relied on her lawyers or her people to keep up with her dates. Fox don’t depend on nobody to handle what you should be handlin!

  • jo

    Wow. She must want to go back to jail. Maybe jail isn’t the answer. These constant crazy antics, she needs a shrink.

  • Get it right...

    …this chick here just can’t get right.

  • Naheem

    OMG! I can’t believe this B.S. FOXY is my damn girl. Why all these women in the industry acting a damn fool for 08′ (Mariah marraige, Remy’s jail time, Lil Kim’s repo…etc.) What the hell is going on in the world of music-women. Foxy handle your bidness so you can set the mic on fiyah…Trina is out there all alone doing the damn thing, get your ass back in the game by setting the example and do what you supposed to do girl HANDLE YOUR BIDNESS!! the RESPONSIBLE way.

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