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For those of you who have been curious as to when Jennifer Hudson would ever release a solo project, here is a tad bit of info on it:

Jennifer Hudson has recruited India.Arie and Alicia Keys as mentors as she plans to embark on a pop career. The Oscar winner and former American Idol favorite hopes to release her first album after her new film Sex & The City hits cinemas next month (Jun08) and she has turned to two peers for advice. “I didn’t realize the process would be so long. I’m discovering it as I go along. “Alicia Keys was one of the people who talked to me about it. I wanted to make sure it was OK because it’s taking so long. “She told me it took her at least a year to record her album and that’s the process, so don’t worry about it.” And she turned to Arie when she needed a big hit on the album: “Greatest Creation, which Indie.Arie wrote, is where I see myself and where I’d like to see myself, in saying that my greatest creation is me.” Hudson will release the album in September (08), admitting “I haven’t named it yet.”

This chick has already accomplished so much that we tend to forget that she never dropped an album. We’re interested in what she comes up with for this one…here’s a single that leaked yesterday:

Any thoughts?

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  • ksadfklj

    She is very gorgeous.She has posted this pic on a celeb dating club ” M a r r y m illi on a i r e . c o m ” Many of her fans were seeking for her and wanna chat with her.She is very hot on that club and that club is also hot because of her.

  • guilty pleasure

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Skeals

    I got it 1st

  • I'm Just Me

    I agree. I didn’t realize in hindsight that she didn’t release an album yet. Well good for her. I would like to get a copy. That girl is a star regardless. Is she really in the Sex & the city movie?

  • Valenne

    Damn Alicia keys and India Arie + her voice! That album has great chances to be very good!!!!

  • Cage

    J Hud can blow….. No pun intended…

  • bree

    @ I’m Just Me

    Yes she is, she plays Carrie’s assistant..

    it’s amazing she did not win American Idol, but i believe she will be the only one to EVER receive an Oscar!

  • The Real Lauren, the only Lauren, I know u wanna be me, its cute.

    Yea I’m not sure if I’ll be grabbing this one, this girl has a helluva voice but idk if she’ll go over mainstream radio as well as she did with the whole dream girls thing….i just don’t see it, especially when she did that weak track with Neyo????

  • Southern Belle 225

    @lauren..i agree girl. I think she is a powerhouse singer but i can’t see it appealing to mainstream. But we’ll see. I want her to do good so I’m rooting for her. But they are right, I did forget about that album. I love her regardless!

  • Lady Architect


    Damn Alicia keys and India Arie + her voice! That album has great chances to be very good!!!!

    100% agree

  • The Real Lauren, the only Lauren, I know u wanna be me, its cute.

    @ Southern Belle, she is awesome she’s also an awesome actress which is why she deserved to win that Oscar. I also hope she does well…

  • Nisha

    Is it just me? Or does she always look like she just “fell” out of bed and started her day? lol

    I love her and her voice but geeze.

  • Nisha


    ok…well maybe she DID “fall” out bed (and completely miss the shower). LMFAO

    Homegirl trippin…

  • Nisha

    *out of bed


    Enormous talent aside…she could stand to get that body in shape.SHE’S FAT.

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