Foxy Brown Ft. AZ: “Too Real”

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Here is a new track by craze-o Foxy Brown ft. her former fellow Firm member AZ. Check it out below:


  • Earth Sign

    First! No comment

  • Kaye


  • Cage

    That beat is wack….. I know cats that do better beats wit a raggedy ass laptop…. wtf happened….

  • http://none Mongo

    Ummmm Foxy is wack… and being “too real” is gonna keep ur ass in a “real jail”

  • fsfeioreg

    She is very gorgeous.She has posted this pic on a celeb dating club ” M a r r y m illi on a i r e . c o m ” Many of her fans were seeking for her and wanna chat with her.She is very hot on that club and that club is also hot because of her.

  • Insatiable_qt

    Its time to give that Ill Na Na line up….NEW MATERIAL PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • 6 Figgaz

    Uummmmm… nah. Garbage. Damn near fell asleep. That’s this trick’s comeback track? Don’t know how AZ got roped into this bullsh*t collabo…

  • Nisha

    So…she can’t make it to court, but she can make it to the studio? SMDH

  • Wade R.

    How can she say she dont know who to trust God or the Devil?? Its the devil who making you look like a fool idiot.

  • HomoMafia


  • pm

    My only problem with Fox is that she raps in a time warp. It is not the 90’s can u evolve. My bad Jay is not ghost writing for her anymore.

  • 007

    Thats pure hip hop right there! Dont know what all ya’ll talkin about. Must be Soulja Boy fans or Lollipop lovers. Classic!

  • WordzOfaProphet

    Is it over yet?? Oh I dozed off!!! This sh!t was worse than sitting thru my History class with my Professor who sound like the “Clear Eyes” man. Dang, Foxy…u need 2 let it go, ur rap career is over if this is da ish u produce. *Zones back to History class*

  • ???

    Is AZ the guy who they kept making go thru the metal detector in Fat Joe’s “Lean Back” video? Someone please answer.

  • Bird


    Looks like we are the only ones feeling it. I thought it was hot. Especially the beat.

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