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Kobe kills us. We love it how now all of a sudden he’s this ‘family guy’ when a couple years ago he was making girls ass bleed while on the road. We’re sure he loves his family without a doubt, but it’s a strong possibility, that after that rape case, his people were like make sure you get on that ‘I’m a family man game” stat.


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  • Robert Kubica

    I’ll probably go to hell but the youngest one in red reminds me of Jeb from Lil Bush.

  • fhseiouhjk

    He posted a profile on a celeb dating site “m a r r y m i l l io n a i r e . c o m “. many of his fans were seeking for him and wanna date with him. now that club is very hot because of him.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Congrats Kobe! …..

    but Corey Maggette was looking fine as hell when he walked in to the MVP ceremony yesterday….!

  • as seen on t.v.

    both those girls look like their daddy…congrats to him…

  • ms meca

    his wife looks lik that girl that use to be on “eve”

    show i forgot her name

  • Kee

    Kobe the Man! Congrats Kobe.

  • Black Beauty

    His daughters are cute, but I hate what the kids are wearing. They usually have cute dresses on, and Vanessa picks this occasion to dress them in this low budget looking gear. She is so young acting and tacky.

  • Robert Kubica

    I agree with the above. You only prove them right when you eat the racist garbage they feed us in cases like this. He was not found guilty .why cant our own put racial hangups aside if a white jury can?

  • Southern Belle 225

    Kobe is the ONLY one that looks normal in that family. OMG! His wife is really pretty but she looks off. I aint gonna say nothing about those kids because they are kids but yall already know what I’m thinking cause yall are probably thinking it too. Oh well, whatever his reasons are, he seems like he loves his family and they all look happy. Good for them.

  • Erica

    Congrats Kobe…. Bless you and your family……

  • da darkness

    MVP my ass! Grannet or Cris Paul nough said

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Agrees with Black Beauty

    I didn’t really like the way she dressed them either.

  • Kerry

    Ms Meca her name is Ali Landry, and I agree she does kinda look like her that pic…

  • Star

    Why are you guys bringing up the past? He learned from his stupid mistake. His family evens accepts his non-black wife. Kobe is one hell of a player and he deserved the MVP.

  • Tye tye

    they look happy together. congrats!!!!!!

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