Ho Sit Down: NeNe Leakes Tells Bravo they are Out of Pocket for Making Her Look Evil

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NeNe Leakes is upset about the way she is being portrayed on the RHOA season finale.  

Isn’t this about the most random sh*t you’ve heard all day.  NeNe is getting buck with some producers at Bravo who are painting her to look evil.  NeNe says that in a scene with her and Kim Zolciack, the show portrays her choking Kim for not putting her on “Tardy for the Party.” NeNe says she was choking the bi*ch out because she was talking about the RHOA cast to the Orange County Housewives at a Bravo award show.

Girl stop.


  • sexzlady

    I cant stand NeNe, notice how clam everything was when she wasnt around on last week’s show, she’s a drama queen and she needs a new hair piece

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  • jynX

    NeNe is the most class-less broad that I have ever encountered. I am hating her more that I hate New York..Tiffany Pollard…Benji…Scag…Scally-Wag…
    I digress…just suffice it to say that both of these worthless tricks are on my nerves.

  • resurrected

    I think they all make themselves look like money hungry with no morals and willing to break up anyone homes to get to what they deems as success or fame…

    This is what happens when good attention turns negative…

  • jj

    It doesn’t matter why you were choking her, you ugly-ass drag queen, you were choking her.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    she’s out of control. It amazes me how caty these older women are. My girls are around 26-27 and we treat each other very well. Grow up, hags!

  • Aunt Viv


  • Caramel Cat

    NeNe please! Girl bye! ol’ horse looking azz heffa…

  • http://deleted Hmmm...

    Ummm, Yeah.
    How about this Weather Huh.?

  • Just Sayin

    My goodness she should be upset with BRAVO and sue them for showing her childhood picures.LMFAO, she was positively ghastly!!! What did she expect? Given the option of a hoodrat and a homewrecker who was gonna come out on top? Please by next season she will be broke and begging them to allow her to come back for a smaller fee!

  • Caramel Cat

    Bravo is portraying you to look EXACTLY how you are… a loud mouth, sh!t disturbing, angry, ugly, ghetto b!tch…nuff said…

  • BK

    At this point havin been high on the D list and written a thin book does this non fabulous hood booga who still goes by her Athens GA, pole name Nene need any help from Bravo to make her look negative? They instructed her to keep it gutta and she did all the while putting YT on a pedestal now tell me, Kim is as stupid as they claiming? she triflin but not half as dumb all this time she parading Poppas money, jewelry, cars, house and we aint heard a peep out Mrs Poppa what the hell is up with that?

  • Infinity

    I was wonderin when everyone would stop being all up NENE butt.. Everyone was sayin she was so real last year.. Please who cares ..I saw right through her loud always wanna be heard behind..I guess she feels by being the loudess she wins.. Please punks jump up to get beat down..She will talk alot of stuff but when it really goes down she will be the first person runnnin..The only people on that show that has some type of class is Kandi and Lisa

  • Infinity

    Oh and one more thing Im glad Kandi was woman enough to show her she aint no punk. you go Kandi..

  • charlotte

    i dont care what nene does, that show wouldn’t be interesting without her. its all done for tv and im lovin it

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