ESPN’s Steve Phillips In Affair With Twisted-Sick Young Woman At Work “I have Extreme Concerns About the Health and Safety of My Kids and Myself!”

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Another married entertainer is getting caught up with a young hot thing. Steve Phillips, an ESPN analyst, had no idea his new hot side-piece was as crazy as horse sh*t:

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips had a fling with a 22-year-old production assistant, who, after being dumped, taunted his wife with “Fatal Attraction”-like phone calls and a letter that bragged…

… about her sexcapades with Phillips while taking pot shots at their “loveless marriage,” The Post has learned.

The former Met general manager, whose tenure with the team was rocked by admissions of infidelity, confessed to his wife and local cops that he had slept with ESPN assistant Brooke Hundley several times this past summer before dumping her. In retaliation, the jilted young woman repeatedly phoned Phillips’ wife, Marni, saying, “We both can’t have him!” an explosive police report claims. Hundley’s desperate actions — including accidentally smashing her car into a stone column while speeding away from the Phillips’ home after leaving the letter — terrified the family, according to the Wilton, Conn., police report.

“I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself,” Steve Phillips said in a police statement, adding that the woman became “obsessive and delusional” after he dumped her. But Phillips, 46, declined to pursue criminal charges against Hundley, a Bristol, Conn., woman who cops learned may have used an ESPN computer to contact Phillips’ 16-year-old son on Facebook while posing as a high-school classmate.

Phillips — who admitted to having multiple affairs with women while working for the Mets — is now being sued for divorce by his 40-year-old wife, the mother of his four sons. Two months ago, Phillips deeded the family’s five-bedroom, multimillion-dollar Wilton home to her. A source told The Post that Phillips has been suspended for a week by ESPN — which hired him in 2005 as a baseball analyst — because of the scandal.

Men better be careful… if they are crazy enough to have an affair with a married man, what else are they crazy enough to do?

“I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself,”-Steve Phillips.

What about your wife, man???



  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Big Roy

    Whoa nelly… crazy broad!

  • Samantha

    If this article was about Steve McNair there would have been 300 comments. Black folks kill me how we are so mean and vocal when it comes to other blacks but when it comes to white folks we’re as quiet as a church mouse. Between this and the David Letterman affair it goes to show white men cheat too.

  • The Main Event

    He blew the whistle for fear of being McNaired. Guaranteed.

  • Choco

    Oh Well another bites the dust….but honestly why are these young women trippn so hard move on and get your own man….something is in the air!

  • Aunt Viv

    Is the side p*ssy really worth it fellas?

  • Just A Thought

    SMH! Life is SO different now. Is it that life is so different now or it is that with the internet, television, bloggers, etc. things are just more public? 50% of all marriage end in the divorce. It seems to be the norm husband and wives both cheat, signing pre-nups, having children out of wedlock, etc. I know the old saying is true, “there is nothing new under the sun”. It seems like true love and marriage that stay together does not exist. I truly believe marriage is not for everyone. If it does not fit don’t force it. He is 46 and she is 22!! WTF did he think? He was going to hit and quit — NOT!! Folk are crazy this day and time — MEN and WOMEN!! Single and Happy feels good and leaves you with a peace of mind!!

  • soulwoman

    I feel for his wife and kids. But that bastard is getting what he deserved. Cheaters never win!

  • It's like I always say

    Are you 4real??, What about the wife?, he was cheating, WHAT ABOUT HER. Dude don’t give a fu**.

  • Talking bout Steve when you don't know Steve

    SO I am ready to read the ignorance that Man I just don’t care will have the nerve to type out!

  • Aunt Viv

    Co-sign these comments. This man gets NO sympathy from me, sorry.

  • Aunt Viv

    “I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself,”-Steve Phillips.
    Oh NOW you have extreme concerns!! Diseases, pregnancies, psycho women, wife taking you to the cleaners-you weren’t thinking about that while you was pumpin’ the p*ssy!

  • This some Shhh....

    This guy is a serial cheater. He’s been doing this for years. Some cats just don’t take it serious.

  • WhatEVER

    Chris Rock said it best: “A man is only as faithful as his options.”

    Men with lots of options cheat. Accept it and get over it…

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