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T.I. & Sons

TI claims he stayed packin’ to protect his family from haters:

“Rapper T.I. says that fear for his and his family’s safety led to his arrest on gun charges last year. T.I. also said that, while his latest run-in with the law won’t affect his music, ‘I can’t talk about guns and drugs as elaborately because they’re not part of my life anymore.’ To his fans, he said, ‘If you think guns, drugs and violence are cool, I think you are definitely missing the point…. There’s nothing cool about going to jail.'”

Interesting how TI is trying to play the noble role now. Although we don’t disagree with the fellow, we’re curious to see how long this humble steez lasts.



  • guilty pleasure

    Big things poppin…..

  • http://www.entertainmentundergroundmag.com Chocolate

    Yea I believe it … Rumor is he got into it with another Atlanta Bankhead Rapper …. But you know Rumors

  • bree

    his humble steez will last forever your fat ass haters!!

  • bree

    you fat ass haters**

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    “Rapper T.I. says that fear for his and his family’s safety led to his arrest on gun charges last yea”


    He needs to shut up with the excuses. He didn’t need all those guns for safety. How many guns can one handle at one time while defending the safety of his home against fearless assassins. Negro please.

  • statim08

    There’s a right way to protect your family and a wrong way. He simply took the wrong way. And don’t believe he won’t rap about guns and drugs again. He knows what sells.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Well, lets hope he has learned his lesson. I loves me some T.I. However, I’m not too sure I beleive he had to protect his family. That’s what he has all those body guards for. I mean come on!

  • http://aol.com Pam

    We live we learn and we do better

    Thx for admitting your wrong and showing the world who is the forgiver

  • Simply Ecstasy

    It will last about as long as it did when Snoop Dogg came out and publically said he quit smoking weed.

  • My Opinion--OK?

    Correction—UGLY and TWO(please insert where needed. TI and Tiny =ULCK.

  • I'm Just Me

    Hopefully it will last long. I mean I agree there is nothing cool about going to jail in the least. Not a good look at all. I mean he admitted it won’t completely die down so I want to see how long it lasts. Maybe until he is finished withthe 366 day bid?

  • Simply Ecstasy

    @ My Opinion

    Why insult the children???

    How low can you go.

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    I think Tip is probably sincere in what he says. When i’d first heard about the charges my first thought was that he’d made the purchase for protection purposes. No one knows what really goes on in his life. He may have been getting threats from somewhere or something off the wall like that. Sure he could have gone about it differently like hire guards or something but still, if he felt threatened or unsafe that’s probably why he did what he did. You never know what’s going on in his life.

  • mrslaadee

    I think TI will stay humble for a while b/c he was facing MANY MANY MANY YEARS!!! By the time TI would have gotten out of jail, his kids would have had kids.

  • mrslaadee

    The bad part about the situation is that if anyone was really trying to harm TI and his family, they would be an easy target right now b/c everyone knows TI can’t be in possesion on ANY GUNS!

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