ESPN Not Fair to Black Analyst???: Harold Reynolds Hugs White Woman… Fired, But Steve Phillips Chops Down A Crazy-Manly One… Suspended

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People are suggesting that a double standard exists at ESPN. Why? Harold Reynolds, an African-American analyst, was immediately fired for a false claim of harassment, while Steve Phillips, who is Caucasian, gets a one week leave from work after admitting to being in a weird sex, love triangle:

ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips has reportedly been suspended for a week amid allegations of an affair gone wrong with a 22-year old production assistant named Brooke Hundley.  Phillips has asked ESPN for a leave of absence and it was granted. Phillips, who is married, tried to keep his infidelity quiet but to no avail. Phillips recently decided to end his dealings with the young lady who invariably lost control. Hundleys’ erratic behavior, which included writing a letter to Phillips’ wife, prompted him to get the police involved.

This situation is reminiscent of what happened to ESPN baseball analyst, Harold Reynolds in 2006. Reynolds was accused of sexual harassment because he gave a female production assistant “an improper hug” at an Outback restaurant. Charges were filed by the woman, and before any of the allegations could be thoroughly substantiated by ESPN, Reynolds was fired after 11 years of service.

Reynolds issued the following statement to the New York Post after the 2006 incident, “This was a total misunderstanding. My goal is to sit down and get back. To be honest with you, I gave a woman a hug and I felt like it was misinterpreted.” As we know, Reynolds ended up suing ESPN for wrongful termination. ESPN settled with Reynolds in June of 2008. After the settlement, Reynolds issued the following, “My family and I are ecstatic,” said Reynolds, the former All-Star second baseman. “This is a matter of principle, and I stood on principle and never wavered. All of my goals were met, and now I look forward to concentrating on the game I love.” Reynolds has since moved on to the MLB Network.  Based on how ESPN treated Reynolds without question, Phillips should be history as well. The evidence, which includes the note written by Hundley and Phillips, suggests the allegations of infidelity are probably true. So why grant the leave of absence and not outright fire him too?

Do you think there is a double standard in Major League Baseball, or any other sport, when it comes to white men and black men ??? Nahhhh!



  • tb

    That’s the world we live in. They will do anything to keep a black person down.

  • Bg(Cuz Stone Cold Said So...)



    Well, ESPN had very limited coverage on the Ben Rothlisberger(what ever his name is)situation and they are not giving this situation any coverage either!! Face it people. The media is only going to show you what they want you to see!! If this was a analyst that worked for another company then it would be all over thier station!! Every fu**ing hour!! I cant say that this is a racist issue because ESPN has a lot of Black analyst working for them.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    The past will never be forgotten! So I do believe we live in a world full of ignorance and this is (sad but true) everywhere you go! So it’s very possible in this case!

  • ct

    I there is a double standard by ESPN. But remember ESPN also could be acting with caution, simply because the black guy sued them and settled out of court and he recieved a large settlement…So lets wait and see how this plays out, many of us didnt even know Mr. Reynolds was fired form ESPN because of a hug…

  • N4HH


  • tg

    Unfortunately – there are double standards in EVERYTHING in America. This isn’t surprising. The surprising thing is how Black people continue to support the people who dish out the double standards against them. That’s what amazes me. It’s SAD. All you have to do is TURN THEM OFF, but so many can’t even do that – so we continue to get FREAKED.

  • resurrected

    Get your information together, use your resources, get good representation and sue the company for discrimination and wrongful termination…

  • Lisa Vee

    Harold is so handsome!!!!

  • AntMan

    Big coeporations like ESPN usually have very strict sexual harrassment rules in place to limit the company’s liability in case they get sued. Consentual sexual relationships among employees probably isn’t too big of a deal to the company because they aren’t legally liable for the realtionship of two consenting adults. Even though I would assume that such flings wouldn’t be encouraged.

  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up! Calling for sterilization of the no goods.


    That’s the world we live in. They will do anything to keep a black person down.

    You pretty much summed it all up. Black men, I don’t care how high you go up on that ladder, you are still black. It’s best that you stay in your lane and learn how to play their game.



  • miss

    I agree the white dude should get fired. This smacks of racism. Steve Phillips has had a looong history of having sexual relations with assistants. He was also caught, allegedly, in compromising sexual situations with ladies. But his white behind was never fired.

    Harold Reynolds kicked up dust creatively with the head brass at ESPN. So, they used whatever they could pin on him to fire him.

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  • shoewhoresneedluv2

    Not sure where you received your law degree from but a person who carries on a consenual affair in the workplace CAN sue for sexual harassment and WILL win… non consensual contact is a crime not a civil suit… sexual harassment only requires that the employer allowed a sexually charged environment… so this intern/production assistant whatever the hell she is can still bring a civil suit against ESPN… all she has to say is she felt pressured to have a sexual relationship with him to keep her job…

    Of course it’s a double standard… and if you think that a white man won’t take a chance to stick to a black man who’s getting it in with a white chick then u should relocate somewhere else

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