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Mary J Blige & Kendu 10

Tried & True couple Mary J. & hubby Kendu Issacs were spotted together at the “Heart of the City Tour” wrap up party last night in NYC. It’s nice to see a stable couple amidst the insanity. Check out more party pics below.

Mary J Blige, Kendu & Stephen HillLynx Watson & Trina

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Mary J. Blige 508

Mary J Blige & Kendu 11Mary J & Ed Lover


  • fseyry

    I heared that they met each on a celeb dating site named ” Ma r r yMill ionai re.Co m”.Is it true? Can we meet our true love online?

  • v-fromrock

    They look so cute.

  • Soul Cry

    Mary looks good. I like the dress…simple. I wonder if it’s linen. If so…I WANT IT!

  • MDM.Org.

    I hope Mary has finally found her true happiness.

  • da darkness

    marry bout to have a baby. she’ll be preggers in 10 mos.

  • bree

    Kendu must be happy the tour is over..he looks hella tired!

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    I love Mary. Kendu and Mary are my favorite celebrity couple.

  • Southern Belle 225

    They look great. Loves me some Mary J. I like her outfit too. Very nice.

  • Mrssexcee1

    I love me some mary

  • DeepDimpleDiva

    Cute couple-not feelin Mary’s wig at all-blonde is so tired now. Yes her hubby looks exhausted-love the dress though-kudos to being in love.

  • B

    They’re even starting to look alike..I wonder what their children would look like..

  • Me A Rep West Indians!

    very classy couple.

    but we need to get rid of the buy eye sunglasses.

  • da darkness

    A-list look no question

  • Somer

    Mary need to fix her other issues. Why she think blond is so beautiful. She upgraded everything else in her life but she will not let go of that blond wig.

  • Smart Girl

    They always have this loving look for each other…love it! Mary is hot to death as always!!

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