One of Lamar Odom’s Kids Does NOT Want to Meet Khloe

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If we were to tell you that one of Lamar Odom’s children refused to meet Khloe, which one would you think it is? Destiny and Lamar Jr. have expressed their distaste for the wedding, but one of the kids will-not-meet-Khloe.

Pop the top to see which one it islil odoms

It’s Lamar Jr.. Jr. refused to meet Khloe and there are reports saying that neither of them have met her yet. What is up with that???


  • Divine

    First :)


    Big disaster!!! Your kids will not accept your new wife b/c you refused to include your kids. Lamar is horrible.

  • drenk

    damn just 1, i wouldve united my siblings have none meet mrs. shrek

  • lady

    boys usually feel the need to protect their mothers…maybe he feels what his father did was wrong and very hurtful to his mom. just a guess.

  • Divine

    It’s shameful that his kids didn’t meet his wife BEFORE she became his wife.

    Lamar a boy and boys are always protective of their mom. Probably why he doesn’t want to meet Khloe.

    And I must point out, that Lamar once again, looks and dresses as if he is mildly retarded.

  • Allie

    Why would they want to meet somebody that is not going to be around for long!!!! I give it a year and y’all will be reporting that they will be getting a divorce!!!!

  • not so interesting..

    What do you expect?!?!?! the same day daddy tells them he has a new girlfriend he’s saying that Khloe is his new wife…

    I like Khloe – It has nothing to do with her. He obviously handled his children as if they were employees instead of kids. KIDS NEED TIME TO ADJUST!!!

    Hell i know adults who refused to meet there parents new wives/husbands because they thought that moms or pops was rushing things crazy fast!!!

  • Isis


  • not so interesting..

    And I must point out, that Lamar once again, looks and dresses as if he is mildly retarded.

    LMAWO!!!! SOOO true!!

  • Ms. J

    It’s the silly mom whose at fault. She should be more mature and intelligent in this situation. (unless Lamar was f*cking his baby’s mother up until he married Khloe; then I would understand.)

  • 2Sweet

    The ugly, sorry bastard obviously wasn’t considering his children. How do u marry somebody your children have not met or approved of? In this day and age that’s very dangerous. He’s a dumbass.

  • Caramel Cat

    Even the kids know that this marriage is a sham and will not even waste time getting to know his new ‘wife’…

  • Isis

    nevermind, i gotta refresh my page b4 i jump the gun…lol… n.e. ways I heard that she hadn’t met any of his kids, how u marry somebody and ur huband/wife hadn’t met ur kids, thats a shame i wish i might get married (and even tho i dont have any kids, and i plan on being married b4 i do) and my husband hadn’t seen my kids yet, smdh…. people these days, i try to give people the benefit of the doubt but this is some b.s. for real

  • sunny




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