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Whitney Houston 512

Rocks are one helluva drug:

“Whitney Houston was reportedly so scared of forgetting the words to her hit songs at her recent comeback concert in London, she had the lyrics taped to her dressing room wall.

Houston, who is set for a career revival with a new album later this year, was determined not to make a mistake during the performance. So the hitmaker asked for the words to all the songs to be printed out and displayed in her dressing room – so she could memorize them thoroughly before going onstage.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, ‘Whitney was really nervous before her set. She didn’t make any diva demands, and was polite to everyone. She spent 45 minutes reading the lyrics, mouthing the words and holding her hands as if in prayer.”

We got to give it up for Whitney for making that extra effort to over come being burnt the f*^k out. Word is she knocked ’em dead in the concert, but then again, with low expectations, anything is possible.



  • guilty pleasure

    Ummm, PLEASE tell me that this is NOT a picture of Whitney!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al-Anon

    That ain’t rocks, that’s old age.

  • lil latte

    I’m sure there are alot of people that go over the words to their songs…at the ones that aren’t lipsyncing

  • mogwai

    Aww good luck Whitney! Her poor voice.

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus Believes Whitney Houston was under the high powered London brand PCP called “the Amy Winehouse”..

    Negrodamus also Believes an award for Craig David is long due. He has single-handily taken over the UK drug trade..His associates include

    Mick Jagger- Consigliere

    Elton John- Underboss

    Spice Girls- Capo

  • Southern Belle 225


    If she got to tape her lyrics on the wall, let her do it. I’m glad she did good and kudos to her for going the extra effort. But as much as I love Whitney, I can’t see a spectacular comeback in her near future. I hope she has one but I just can’t see it right now.

  • jandsmama

    Love Whitnei Houston and I’m glad she values her audience enough to work on giving a good show. How long has she been working on this album?

  • Panamanians Do It Better



  • I really hope this isn't as good as it gets....

    dead@ Negrodamus

    where have you been?

  • JAD

    It’s a struggle I’m sure but she will get there.

  • Butch Jones

    She’s done.

  • alice

    It’s said he recently joined a celebrity and million aire dating site named ‘S earching M illionaire**coM’.

    is he looking for hotties or rich women there? it’s reported Charlie Sheen has dated a hot model there.

  • bree

    Whitney was paranoid because she was high..if she stops hitting the drugs, the words will flow.. she needs rehab Clive!

  • BKBella

    Praying for a miraculous comeback for our dear Whitney!! Grew up listening to all her songs..I hope she can preservere!!!

  • gimme a break

    blab, blab,

    so what she has the words to her

    song tape to dressing room walls

    and so what …..

    this is breaking news!!!!

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