Antonia “Toya” Carter is “Making it Rain on You Hoes” for her Birthday

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Toya Carter celebrated her birthday the other night in Atlanta with friends, family and strangers, and baby girl rolled up in an Aston Martin. Toya posted one of her special gifts on Twitter and a few people were upset about it.

Pop it to See What She Got…


Toya tweeted that she received this pink pistol from a special someone, but apparently, someone felt that she is not portraying the right image…so they wrote an open letter to BET.

A recent email that was sent to BET:

I love that there’s an African American company that promotes black entertainment. I think BET does a wonderful job with exploring and reaching the urban communities. But I have an issue that just came up. You guys ran a reality show with “Toya and Tiny” a couple of months ago. What I got from that show was two young ladies attemtping to move from the view of their kids father. I guess you guys were attempting to send a positive message. But not even 6 months later, Toya is publicing a recent birthday gift which is a hand gun on twitter with a comment, “I love it.” Besides Wayne just appearing in Court for a handgun charge and her daughter actually being on twitter, I think it’s very disrespectful and inappropriated for Toya to display this type of behavior. It truly doesn’t send a positive message. African Americans already has to face the challenge of sterotypes and sigmas that society has placed on our culture. I think Toya is a nice young lady but made a bad chose. Please remind
her to always represent herself in a positive manner no matter where she is and regardless to who her audience is. We not only represent ourselves, we represent a nation of people like us.

I was very bothered by Toya’s most recent twitter picture and comment. And can’t image if anyone else feel the same way.

Best regards,

Urban Community

Do you feel that displaying and praising a gift of that sort tarnishes her image???


  • Angee

    I don’t get the gun gift :roll:

    Tiny looks terrible! The hair I can deal with, but the rest is bleh!!

  • Angee

    Are we supposed to care about her image? Is she a celebrity?

  • Nette

    Hell no! Get over it she is a single mother and has the right to bear arms to protect herself and her child

  • Lean (Breaking the Monotony)

    I have to agree with this email on this 1…especially since she has a daughter! Guns should NEVER be glorified…

  • Stephy

    You can take a person out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the person!

  • diane

    i thought we all have a right, as american citizens to bare arms…tell that b*tch to kick rocks i like the weapon

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    1) Toya doesnt have an image. She is JUST Waynes baby’s momma.

    2) She can have a gun if she chooses, though, displaying makes her seem more hoodrat than she already is.

    3) No wonder black men flock to “other” women. Where is the class? Less is more….these hoes look like streetwalkers. *except for the 2 chicks dressed in all black.

    4) When you get a gun (legally) you NEVER boast about it. You keep it under wraps until you need it. Not everyone needs to know that you’re packin’….

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    Black people cant help but to show off.

    Its in our blood. Hence, the many nuccas walking around with $20 mil around their neck.


    damn can we use spell check before we send a letter to…..ANYONE??

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby (I love a women in heels)

    They look horrible. Stop trying so hard. Oh, and she has a the right to bear arms. One of this nation’s freedoms. It may not be smart to publicize it though.

  • BoricuaNegro

    whoever the “urban community” is, should at least get someone who can spell before they present a supposed viewpoint that we all share


    you people are stupid she is a single mother and even if she were not she still has the right to protect herself and family. Reason being did u guys forget who here ex is? And this is her first real bf since him you can never be to safe in this world

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    What’s all this hoopla about her “protecting” her and her child?

    Are you serious??

    I highly, HIGHLY doubt that its for that purpose. Come’on….thats what T.I. said too…..with machine guns and silencers and shit.

    I’m sure its not for that purpose at all.

  • Don't think I Won't Hitch Yah...Cause I'm Famous (I Believe in KARMA)

    Folks need to stop looking up to these CHARACTERS on TV….

    @Kami All… you right and the ones riding around with rims on their cars that cost more than the car itself. OR the ones that’s driving nice cars and parking it in the hood. NIcca get a garage! Hell rent a space in Storage, but get your shyt off the street. Got the nerve to be wiping it down every five minutes. BOI BYE!!!! LLS @ THE HOOD

  • Cristal

    Say what you want……I like her “gift”

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